In September, we updated and simplified our voucher system to make it more user-friendly and to give bundle subscribers the power to keep any of our plugins. This means that all PA bundle subscribers will no longer receive cash-back vouchers. Instead, they will receive “Pick Any Plugin” Vouchers, allowing them to pick whichever plugins out of their subscription bundle — regardless of price, and keep them forever.

All of our bundles now include a yearly voucher for a certain number of free plugins. For example, the MEGA L subscribers get a “Pick Any 3 Plugins” voucher: Pick the 3 plugins from the MEGA L bundle, add them to your cart, apply your voucher, and finish the checkout. Done – these plugins are now yours to keep forever, even after canceling your subscription. The exact number of plugins for each voucher must be claimed at the same time. So in the example above, all 3 plugins must be claimed in one order.

Subscribers to older bundles that are no longer available, such as the MIX & MASTER and the MUSICIAN Bundles are also included in this new voucher system. These subscribers will now receive “Pick Any Plugin” vouchers instead of the cash-back vouchers as listed below:

New bundles:
MEGA L — Pick Any 3 Plugins Voucher
MEGA XL — Pick Any 6 Plugins Voucher
MEGA XXL — Pick Any 10 Plugins Voucher

Old bundles (no longer accepting new subscribers):
MEGA Monthly (now MEGA XXL monthly) — Pick Any 10 Plugins Voucher
MEGA Yearly (now MEGA XXL yearly) — Pick Any 10 Plugins Voucher
MIX & MASTER Monthly — Pick Any 6 Plugins Voucher
MIX & MASTER Yearly — Pick Any 6 Plugins Voucher
MUSICIAN Monthly — Pick Any 4 Plugins Voucher
MUSICIAN Yearly — Pick Any 4 Plugins Voucher
ESSENTIAL Monthly — Pick Any 3 Plugins Voucher
ESSENTIAL Yearly — Pick Any 3 Plugins Voucher

Please note: the subscribers to monthly bundles receive their vouchers after 12 consecutive months of subscription. Yearly bundle subscribers receive their voucher immediately after subscribing and then every year upon renewal of their subscription.