Fatten audio with magnetic tape-style saturation
The Natalus Dynamic Stereo Console Equalizer (DSCEQ) is more than just a gorgeous-sounding passive equalizer. Its unique “Peak Level” control fattens audio while preserving dynamics. It does this by adding magnetically controlled dynamics processing to your signal—similar to the kinds of gentle compression and saturation you’d find in a well-calibrated tape machine.

Smooth transients like never before
Although it’s designed first and foremost as an EQ, a favorite feature for many users is the Natalus’ incredibly simple, one-knob dynamics section. As you turn up the Peak Level control, a magnetic transformer reduces the intensity of transient peaks in a way that is much smoother, cleaner, and more analog-sounding than any conventional compressor or limiter. Use it to tame “spiky” top end on acoustic guitars, synths, and percussion. Apply the Natalus DSCEQ to kicks and snares for a satisfying tape-like “punch.”

Crank the knobs to apply musical tone shaping
The beauty of passive EQs like the DSCEQ is their ability to help you significantly reshape your sounds without making them feel overly processed or “EQ’d.” Don’t be afraid to turn these knobs further than you think they ought to go. Each knob “goes to 11” for good reason: Dramatic moves can yield musical-sounding results thanks to the Natauls’ wide bandwidths, complimentary EQ curves, and single analog makeup gain stage. Think of it like a Pultec with a potentially cleaner, smoother sound—and with even more flexible and user-friendly control.

A perfect emulation of the analog original, with added features
The engineers at Brainworx painstakingly modeled the original Natalus hardware design by Rod Harris and Govinda Doyle to recreate every nuance of the original’s performance. But they did more than that, adding proprietary plugin-only features like TMT, Auto Listen, Mono Maker, Stereo Width control, M/S processing, and more.


  • Exacting emulation of the unique Harris Doyle Natalus Dynamic Stereo Console EQ.
  • 4 bands of passive EQ with a low cut filter and overlapping frequency control.
  • Proprietary “Peak Level” circuit responds to transients magnetically, similar to a tape machine, keeping transients in check and producing a beautiful "bloom" effect.
  • An intuitive interface that lets users focus on creativity—not technical EQ settings.
  • BRAINWORX Plugin Only Features.
  • TX Drive - the "Headroom" parameter for the transformer model only. Brainworx´ innovation.
  • Brainworx´ TMT inside: Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT, US Patent No. 10,725,727) simulates channel-to-channel variances in electronic components for the most realistic analog sound in the box
  • Mono Maker: Sums low-frequency content to mono, giving you a focused, punchy bass response.
  • Stereo Width: To expand the stereo width of your tracks.
  • A separate Mono Version for using the plugin on individual tracks such Bass Drum, Snare, Bass, Vocals, and more.
  • Scalable User Interface.
  • Artist Presets.

Audio Examples

Industry Reviews

  • Mat Mainhard

    Mat Mainhard

    Mix Engineer & Producer (Georgia Ku, Jack Price, National Geographic)

    Really nice midrange. Both high and low mid boosts combined with the headroom knob can make a sound really jump out of the speakers.

  • Richard Chycki

    Richard Chycki

    Mixer/Engineer (Rush, Dream Theater, Skillet, Aerosmith)

    The Natalus is a wonderfully unique emulation of Harris Doyle Console EQ. Packed with vintage-y passive inductor/transformer/Class-A goodness, The Nat offers amazing analog warmth and musicality… Read More

  • Paul

    Paul "Willie Green" Womack

    Wiz Khalifa, Donnie McClurkin, The Roots

    Surgical EQ's should be clean and transparent, but I like my character EQ's to have some personality! The Natalus sounds sweet - not in a "too much candy" way, but flattering and pleasant. Perfect… Read More

  • Maria Elisa Ayerbe

    Maria Elisa Ayerbe

    Multi-Grammy & Latin Grammy nominated Engineer (Mary J Blige, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony)

    I have tested the Natalus EQ and I have to say, WOW. Who knew EQ could add so much warmth, color and punch? You can REALLY hear the circuitry emulation responding when dialing the knobs. For some… Read More

  • Sam Sherbin

    Sam Sherbin

    Mixing Engineer (Stray Kids, Rachel Platten, Ebony Obsidian)

    The Natalus DSCEQ is a smooth EQ with versatile options to change the tone of the plugin. It can take lots of gain without sounding harsh. I love it!

Customer Reviews

  • Very Impressive

    by D. Puzia
    Fantastic for getting some warmth into your mix, love the EQ curves as well! Place it on really anything and you can pull a lot of goodness out.
  • Superb!

    by Arctic Fox
    I never bother to write reviews but this one deserves it. Very musical sounding EQ, it's hard to make it sound bad and it almost always improves the source material. This is not a surgical equalizer… Read More
  • The New Kid on the Block!

    by Kingchord
    Awesome plugin emulation! I can still tweak between bands! Love the overlapping frequency control!!


Supported Plugin Formats
AAX Native, AU, AAX AudioSuite, VST2, VST3

Supported Operating Systems
macOS 14 down to macOS 11
Windows 11 down to Windows 10

Intel, or Apple Silicon

x64-compatible CPU

System Requirements
Display resolution: 1440 × 900px or 1280 × 960px or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM


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Natalus DSCEQ

Harris Doyle Natalus DSCEQ - Changelog

Version 1.1.1 (Oct 9, 2023)
- General: fixed CPU spikes on Mac OS

Version 1.1.0 (Aug 15, 2023)
- General: added native Apple Silicon compatibility for AAX
- General: added macOS Ventura support
- General: improved plugin loading time in the DAW
- General: fixed issue causing Logic to crash when closing the plugin UI
- General: improved font drawing behavior

Version 1.0 (Jun 29, 2023)
- Initial release