Mixed with MEGA

Dirk Ulrich mixes ‘Motorfinger’ by Swedish Metal band ‘Aggressive Chill’.

The Song

‘Motorfinger’ from Swedish rockers Aggressive Chill was produced by Tobias Lindell and is a great fit for some hands-on training; I enjoyed mixing this one, as it is both a great tune and a mix challenge. Lots of raw (and I mean RAW!) sounds that are waiting to be turned into a wall of sound. My mix tip for this one: Experiment with the SPL DrumXchanger and the Lindell 254 on the drums for this song!” - Dirk Ulrich

About Dirk Ulrich

Dirk Ulrich was born in Cologne, Germany, in 1971. He is the owner of Brainworx (Germany) and Plugin Alliance (California).

Since 2016 Dirk lives in the USA. Currently he lives in Florida, where he runs a great sounding studio for testing and product development, as well as the occasional mastering job.

Dirk Ulrich

About Aggressive Chill (Band)

Aggressive Chill was founded in 2003 by vocalist/guitarist Mikael Willy Wilhelmsson. Recruiting his friends Robert Ottoson (bass) and Tommie Svanbo (drums) as a power trio for a short period, and then adding lead guitarist Krille Kellerman to make the quartet complete. Later on a Tobias Kellgren (Drummer) was added to the group.

In 2007 the band signed with record label ‘Held Music’, and in May 2008 released their debut album ”Aggressive Chill.” Aggressive Chill released their second album ”Destination 7734” in 2009 and toured as a support act to both Mustasch and Europe. In 2013 the single ‘Hold My Breath’ thrived in the Swedish rock charts, following the release of their third album ”Before My Breath Holds Me Down” with new lead guitarist Andreas Ohlsson (Sixty Six Grand) and drummer Per Bjelovuk in the lineup alongside Mikael Willy Wilhelmsson and Robert Ottoson. The album got great reviews, Sweden Rock Magazine called the album ”Almost Magical” and gave it 8/10.

Agressive Chill Motorfinger for Mixed with MEGA

The Session

“This is a full-blown session with lots of drums, bass, and guitar tracks recorded with real instruments and amps, so no DI tracks here. I took the freedom to mix this with a fresh approach, adding some drum samples to Bass Drum and Snare with SPL DrumXchanger (to make the drums sound lower and heavier), and "re-amping" the already recorded bass amp with an Ampeg V4B plugin.

Blackbox HG-2, bx_townhouse, and bx_masterdesk on the master buss, together with bx_digital V3 and an SSL 4000 G channel!

All channels have SSL consoles on them, except for the vocals (Focusrite console). All consoles in analog stereo mode with TMT. Distorted vocals using an ENGL 646 amp plugin!

Mono (!) Reverb on the drums...

Some cool effect sounds and voice overdubs give the end of the song an edgy vibe which I love.” - Dirk Ulrich

The session contains 36 mono & stereo WAV files: individual drums, bass, guitars, vocals, etc. Mix Bounced in 24 Bits & 96kHz.

The song was mixed 100% with Plugin Alliance MEGA Bundle plugins.

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Raw Tracks for Mixing

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Logic Pro X Session

Pro Tools Session


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