Mixed with MEGA

Dirk Ulrich mixes the session of German Rock Band Tri State Corner.

The Song

"Save My World" - by Tri State Corner is a unique composition featuring Bouzouki elements, powerful guitars and slamming drums that drives this highly energetic piece. The vocals consist of all the hook lines and harmonies one is to find in a perfectly polished Rock track.

About Dirk Ulrich

Dirk Ulrich was born in Cologne, Germany, in 1971. He is the owner of Brainworx (Germany) and Plugin Alliance (California).

Since 2016 Dirk lives in the USA. Currently he lives in Florida, where he runs a great sounding studio for testing and product development, as well as the occasional mastering job.

Dirk Ulrich Tri State Corner Session 1

About Tri State Corner (Band)

Tri State Corner is a Bouzouki Rock Band with members from Germany, Poland, and Greece. They mix Hard Rock tunes with a traditional Greek Bouzouki instrument.

Tri State Corner shared stages with bands such as Evanescence, Avantasia, Lordi, Rage, Nightwish, Nazareth, The Sweet, Mothers Finest, and more.

Tri State Corner for Mixed with MEGA

The Session

"Many of you know that I started BX and PA out of my rock'n'roll studio in Germany many years ago, and Tri State Corner is a band I have worked with many times. Love their unique mix of energetic rock and traditional Greek instruments! It's my pleasure and an honor for me to personally kick off this new hands-on training with this amazing song!" - Dirk Ulrich

The session contains 11 WAV files (Stems, with guitars & bass as DI tracks) at 24 Bit 44.1 kHz

The song was mixed 100% with Plugin Alliance MEGA Bundle plugins.

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