Mixed with MEGA

Eric Racy mixes Isabelle Simone's Song '5 Years'.

The Song

'5 Years' is a 3.5-minute snapshot of the last five years of Isabelle Simone's life and is a very personal record to her. The song itself sports a big trap beat with luscious chords capturing this emotional record. A perfectly mixed pop record with that west coast flavor.

About Eric Racy (Producer)

Eric Racy is a platinum-selling mixer, producer, engineer, and remixer with credits and clients that include Katy Perry, Pharrell, Jonathan Davis, Akon, 2NE1, Ministry, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Busta Rhymes, and many more.

Marc Adamo Metric A/B

About Isabelle Simone (Singer)

Born and raised in the Bay Area and currently based in Los Angeles, Isabelle is an artist whose music speaks for itself. With a powerful voice and a passion for using it, she knows her purpose extends beyond herself.

There is an intimate vulnerability in her melodies and lyrics that creates an immediate bond between her and her listeners that she values above all else.

Every word has meaning, and if you listen closely, you can hear pieces of her embedded in her songs. To know her, all you have to do is listen.

Marc Adamo Metric A/B

The Session

The session contains 100+(!) audio tracks, so this is a real mix challenge. The original mix by Eric was done with MEGA Bundle plugins exclusively, so what you hear on the released version is what you will get when we release the full mix sessions!

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Produced by Tadjh Brooks

Written by Rachel West

Assisted by Michael Piroli

Mastered by Trevor Case at Case Mastering