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Eric Racy mixes ‘Higher’ by Beyonce's band ‘The OG´s’

The Song

'Higher' by Beyonce's all-female band The OG's is a powerful song about vibrating higher and encouraging others around them to do the same. It's a bold statement against racism. Sonically 'Higher' channels the intensity of 1990s crossover combined with wild saxophones and soul elements.

About Eric Racy (Producer)

Eric Racy is a platinum-selling mixer, producer, engineer, and remixer with credits and clients that include Katy Perry, Pharrell, Jonathan Davis, Akon, 2NE1, Ministry, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Busta Rhymes, and many more.

About Divinity Roxx (Musician)

Growing up in Atlanta, from an early age Divinity Roxx was exposed to Funk, Soul and R&B music through her parents, eventually falling in love with the Hip-Hop scene as it evolved in the city.

Fast forward, Divinity became the driving force behind the bass of Beyoncé and featured on countless television shows like Ellen, Oprah, Saturday Night Live, not to mention, performing at The White House for President Obama.

The Session

The session contains 57 audio tracks, containing only real instruments. No synths. The original mix by Eric was done with MEGA Bundle plugins exclusively, so what you hear on the released version is what you will get when we release the full mix sessions!

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Music Video

‘Higher’ by Beyonce's band ‘The OG´s’


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Divinity Roxx: Bass and Lead Vocals

Nikki Glaspie: Drums

Kat Dyson: Guitar

Marci Chapa: Percussion

Katty Rodriguez: Baritone Sax, Tenor Sax, Vocals

Tia Fuller: Alto Sax, Flute,

Produced by Veronica Simonetti and Terri Winston at Women's Audio Mission

Mix Engineer: Eric Racy

Mastering: Case Mastering