Kenny Moran is a two time Grammy nominated Mix Engineer and Recording Engineer in Los Angeles with credits including Fergie, Q-Tip, Sean Paul, Carly Rae Jepsen, Jennifer Lopez and Nelly Furtado. Along with Top 40 Artists, as a recording engineer his knowledge of jazz has seen Kenny engineer sessions for Four Play, the Karen Briggs Sextet and the Greg Philinganes Quartet featuring Harvey Mason Sr. and Chaka Kahn. Having extensive experience with RnB has enabled Kenny to work with one of his personal favorites, Earth Wind & Fire.

After engineering Philip Bailey’s solo EP, Kenny toured with EWF then went into the studio with them ,engineering the 40th anniversary album where he also co-produced two songs.

Kenny’s musical background has allowed him to engineer various styles and genres as diverse as  artists Anita Baker and Rod Stewart.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Kenny grew up in a family of professional musicians. He plays several instruments and developed a deep understanding of programming drums and synthesis programming. In 2003 Kenny relocated to Los Angeles and starting mixing for Indie acts with his first break mixing American Idol and Warner artist George Huff. Immediately after that record, he began work with historic rock group Toto programming synths and custom sounds for their world tour that ultimately  led Kenny to tour and be in the studio with them.

With Toto being an incredible source of studio notoriety and folklore, they opened the door for Kenny to program sounds for Native instruments and securing endorsement deals with Korg and M-Audio.

To date, Kenny has now been the sole sound creator for seven virtual instruments and is on development teams with Native Instruments and Big Fish Audio. In Production, he is routinely called upon for composition, arranging, programming and sound design.

Using all of his strengths and expertise while he’s engineering, has allowed producers and writers to find what they’re looking for quickly.

Kenny is a freelance Mixer, Recording Engineer, and programmer, for Major Label Artists, and continue his work with Indie acts in Los Angeles, California.

Product Reviews

  • Brainworx bx_dynEQ V2

    Used in every mix I do, this dynamic eq brings my groups and busses to life. Enhancing or taming specific frequency areas in the program gives a lot of power to this processor, while the stereo width processing is second to none.

  • elysia mpressor

    Surgical eq and compression! With all of the things I use this compressor for its hard to imagine that it is just a compressor. From taming transients to rounding tone, the mpressor accentuates portions of -- or all of -- the frequency spectrum. This compressor gets used on everything from individual drums to pianos to vocals.