L.A.-based producer/composer/DJ Matt Lange delivers a darkly melodic breed of electronic music rooted in raw energy and emotion. Hand-selected by deadmau5 as one of the latest signings to his label mau5trap, the lifelong musician now makes his full-length debut with the groove-heavy, intricately textured Ephemera. As his first album release for mau5trap, Ephemera’s title reflects the restless innovation inherent in Lange’s musicianship. “The album’s really a snapshot of where I am right now as an artist,” Lange explains. “It’s this turning point where I have one foot in the world of dance music, and the other foot in a whole different direction.”

Growing up in Manhattan, Lange started playing piano at age four and sung in a boy’s choir from ages six to thirteen, then picked up the guitar and quickly joined a hardcore/metal band. “I got into the production side of things when I was fifteen, mostly because I wanted to make my own demos for the band, and that completely changed my relationship with music,” says Lange. Shortly thereafter, Matt went on to earn in a degree in music production at Boston's Berklee College of Music.


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Product Reviews

  • Unfiltered Audio Sandman

    Sandman is fantastic as a quick and easy FSU type plugin. I'm particularly enjoying the ability to route an LFO to Feedback amount. It's great for textures.

  • Brainworx bx_console N

    Just dropped it across a bunch of channels in a mix session and there was an immediate warmth and separation that wasn't there before. It's killer on kick drums too... I foresee myself using this a lot. Awesome!

  • Unfiltered Audio Dent 2

    Dent is one angry sounding plugin! I love all the various waveshaping controls that lead you down the road to sheer brutality. Killer.

  • Unfiltered Audio Indent 2

    Even as a little sibling, Indent is great for quick, dirty, and aggressive distortion.

  • ProAudioDSP DSM V3

    DSM V3 is an incredibly powerful tool that bridges the gap from highly technical to creative.