Based in Sydney, originally from The Netherlands - Rotterdam. Since 2009 she has been making and playing experimental music like some people write a diary - daily sessions to capture what she is feeling at any given time. Nadia worked with established labels/ agencies/ and artists like CPU, CLONE, Denovali, Infiné, MORD, Speedy J, and is endorsed by Ableton. She toured all over the world and streams 3 times a week Music Production on Twitch, followed by her own Music Discord Server called PAX Aurora (named after her third Album).

Product Reviews

  • Unfiltered Audio SILO

    The SILO is perfect for sound design, but also to make your sample sound better in the mix, or to boost your creative workflow.

  • TOMO Audiolabs LISA

    Crystal clear and big sounds! This plugin does the mixing job. I work with a lot of long stretched Synth layers, therefore my mixing process takes a lot of time. TOMO upgrades my sound, is precise in frequencies, and is easy to use.