Audio Anthem (Rafeal Brown) is an Atlanta, GA-based Music Producer, Sound Designer, and Mix Engineer. As a self-taught Music producer, His sound palette ranges from Gospel, Jazz, and Soul to Hip hop and R&B. Anthem has produced music for film and television Most recently for 20th-Century Fox's movie "The Hate U Give" as well for numerous other TV shows.

Anthem currently creates original soul sample packs for his sound design company called "The Crate League,” and his sample packs have been featured on songs for numerous record companies, including but not limited to Universal Records, Def Jam Records, and Atlantic Records. Amid these accomplishments, Anthem was just awarded a Grammy for his work on the legendary rapper, Nas’s, latest album “King’s Disease”. Anthem has produced for Kanye West, Nas, Big Sean, Lecrae, Ty Dolla $ign, Anderson, Paak, Kid Cudi, Bobby Sessions, Snoop Dogg, Hit-boy, and many more.

Product Reviews

  • Lindell Audio 902 De-Esser

    Lindell Audio 902 is thick and smooth. Very useful to dial in to what you want to hear!

  • Unfiltered Audio TAILS

    BT Tails is one of the dopest sound Design plugins I've ever used, it instantly inspires me to create new ideas.


    Neold WARBLE is very very flexible and very easy to use! You can get smooth tones with a touch of lofi warble or get gritty and dirty with the noise and dirt knobs. One of the best tape plugins I’ve ever heard!