Annual plan also available.

The NEW Gold Standard for Plugin Subscription
Imagine a collection of more than one hundred essential plugins from A-List companies like SSL, Focusrite, Ampeg, Brainworx, Shadow Hills, Mäag, Diezel, SPL, Unfiltered Audio and many more.

But instead of paying thousands of Dollars for such a massive collection, you can now get access to ALL of these plugins, while paying only $24.99 per month in our new subscription plan, similar to your Adobe or Apple Music deals.

Every subscription license can be used for up to 3 machines.

Of course this NEW bundle already contains ALL 6 plugins from our current MEGA Launch campaign:
Shadow Hills, Focusrite, Purple Audio, Ampeg, Diezel, ProAudio DSP (value of the combined MSRPs: $1,494).

Imagine playing, producing, mixing and mastering in your private studio, having access to an unrivaled arsenal of best-in-class native, dongle-free plugins. The same plugins that are being used in the biggest studios around the world.

  • Console Emulations with patent-pending TMT (Tolerance Modeling)
  • Analog-modeled EQs & Dynamics
  • Original M/S Mastering & Mix Tools
  • Guitar & Bass Amps
  • Virtual Instruments
  • Effects, Delays & Reverb
  • Easy Drum Replacement & Samples
  • 3D Mixing (in any DAW!)
  • ...and so much more!

Which Plugins Are Included?
A complete list of all of our 100+ MEGA bundle plugins can be found below (please just scroll down). For more detail check ALL our plugins sorted by categories on our Plugin Alliance Product Page.

Try before you subscribe, for everybody!
We have just reset ALL of the demos / trials that have ever been activated via plugin-alliance.com. This means everybody can try ALL of our plugins for 14 days now, even if you have already been demoing our plugins in the past!

A New Business Model That Makes Sense!
Stop chasing the next best flash-sale or deal, and stop paying extra for upgrades or additional services. In fact, signing up for the MEGA Bundle will even give you access to EVERY NEW PLUGIN we will add to the MEGA bundle in the future. At the same time we and the multiple development teams from Brainworx, Unfiltered Audio, fiedler audio, Lindell, Schoeps and more will be able to properly maintain all the plugins for years to come, without charging you for technical updates or added future features.

Let's Talk About The Plugins!
Plugin Alliance is proud to announce that we will release many more plugins in the next few weeks, months and years. Lots of new titles from existing and new Alliance partners will be released shortly or have already been released since July 15, 2019. Including lots of plugins that have previously been available exclusively on the prestigious UAD-2 platform. Here is an overview of what is coming soon, and ALL of these plugins will be added to the MEGA Bundle the day they will come out!

Latest & Upcoming PA Releases

  • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor (July 15)
  • Focusrite bx_console SC (July 15)
  • Purple Audio MC77 (July 15)
  • Ampeg V-4B (July 15)
  • Diezel VH4 (July 15)
  • ProAudio DSP DSM V3 (July 15)
  • A/DA STD-1 Tap Delay (July 23)
  • Ampeg B-15N (August 5)
  • DIEZEL Herbert (August 8)
  • Ampeg SVT-3Pro (August 12)
  • Analog-modeled Flanger FX (August 15)
  • Ampeg SVT-VR (August 16)
  • Unfiltered Audio LION Synthesizer (September)
  • Lindell Vintage Neve TMT Console (Q4 2019)
  • ...and many more already confirmed for Q4 2019 and Q1 2020
  • Please stay tuned!

Monthly Subscription: This is it!
This is the Plugin Alliance MEGA Bundle subscription for $24.99 per month (monthly subscription). Month-to-Month rental, no minimum commitment, and you can cancel and re-subscribe without a penalty anytime.

Pre-Paid Annual Plan: Also available!
You can also get the MEGA Bundle as a pre-paid annual subscription for $249.99/year, which is a saving of 17% over the month-to-month plan. Pay once, and enjoy ALL of the MEGA Bundle plugins for a whole year. Your payment and your licenses will auto-renew after one year. No action required on your end for 365 days! More info here.

Canceling Is Easy!
Should you want to cancel your subscription for any reason, you can do so anytime from your PA account, no questions asked. Whatever time is left on your already prepaid subscription you can still use, of course.

Plugin Guarantee!
We have seen other subscription bundles lose individual plugins over time. In such a case users would have to buy the plugin that's suddenly missing (if it's even available separately), or they simply cannot properly open and bounce their existing sessions anymore. We decided that this would be a no-go for PA subscription services. So we took action:

  • We have agreements in place with ALL our Alliance partners that will prevent plugins from dropping out of the MEGA bundle!
  • Once you start subscribing to our MEGA Bundle you will be able to use ALL of the plugins you pay for, for as long as you are an active member.
  • Should any plugin be discontinued for any reason while you are actively subscribed, even if a partner company went out of business, you'll get a lifelong license for that plugin, free of charge, and we'll provide the legacy installers for you for years!
  • This also goes for ALL plugins that we will be adding while you are actively subscribed.
  • Guaranteed!

Existing licenses?If you already own PA licenses you will of course keep them. In fact you could even sell them to somebody else after you sign up for the MEGA bundle if you want.

Bundle Value
All of the plugins in the MEGA Bundle have a combined list price of roughly $20,000.00 (twenty thousand US Dollars). Even if you bought all of them at discount pricing you would be looking at spending close to $10k. That's the equivalent of subscribing to the MEGA Bundle for almost 40 years! During this time we will certainly add many new plugins and release lots of valuable upgrades to the MEGA Bundle plugins and our growing services, like our Installation Manager, for example - at no extra cost.

Congratulations, you have just found the best plugin deal out there!
We're happy to welcome you in our community of professional producers, aspiring engineers, musicians, DJs and audio-lovers around the globe.

Subscribe Now To the NEW Plugin Alliance!

Bundle Products

    • ACME Audio
    • Opticom XLA-3
    • ACME’s vivid Opto Compressor, full of Mojo and Harmonic Coloration!
    • ADA
    • Flanger
    • A true master of adding breathtaking bucket-brigade analog flanging to guitars and synths. Create musical modulation for vocal and drum tracks. The A/DA Flanger is still at the top of its game when it comes to all things flanging, after all these decades!
    • ADA
    • STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay
    • Emulation of a rare analog Delay from 1980. The ADA STD-1 is loved for its ability to transform and widen guitars, vocals, drums and much more. It features an array of six bucket-brigade delays with flexible panning, modulation and LFO controls.
    • Metric AB
    • Compare your mix to any reference mix in real-time, with a simple click of the A/B button. It’s designed to provide you with a clear, intuitive workflow and unique analysis tools.
    • Ampeg
    • B-15N
    • The 30-watt, 1X15 all-tube power machine is filled with character, giving you a thick fundamental note that has been responsible for huge records from the ’60s until today. The #1 re-amping solution in most high-end studios!
    • Ampeg
    • SVT-3PRO
    • The Modern Ampeg. A true powerhouse in countless bass setups of legends like Metallica, Primus and Bootsy Collins. The SVT-3PRO is still a bass amp in a league of its own.
    • Ampeg
    • SVT-VR
    • Ampeg SVT-VR! The Biggest, Nastiest Bass Amplifier the world has ever seen! Paired with a 8x10 cabinet (included) this thing moves some serious air!
    • Ampeg
    • V-4B
    • The Ampeg V–4B All-Tube Bass Amp. A faithful reissue of the 1971 original SVT. Delivering thick tube tone that can be heard on countless hits!
    • Black Box Analog Design
    • HG-2
    • Mastering Grade Tube Saturation & Harmonics. Meet your mix buss’ new best friend!
    • Brainworx
    • bx_2098 EQ
    • Inspired by the famous Amek 9098 EQ with the addition of Brainworx' patent-pending TMT and M/S processing.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_bassdude
    • A faithful emulation of the legendary American amp that became the foundation for generations of rock ‘n roll amplifier design.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_blackdist2
    • This exacting emulation of the classic ProCo Sound RAT 2™ stomp pedal provides instantly recognizable guitar tones.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_bluechorus2
    • The rich, smooth chorus of the classic “Blue” pedal in plugin form.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_boom!
    • An incredibly simple plugin with just two parameters. bx_boom exists for only one purpose: to make your kick drums thunder!
    • Brainworx
    • bx_cleansweep Pro
    • bx_cleansweep Pro’s huge selection of HP & LP filter types will clean up your tracks and open new creative possibilities.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_console Focusrite SC
    • Officially endorsed and approved by Focusrite, the Studio Console plugin brings the world-class sound of the rare original desk to your DAW.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_console N
    • The original TMT channel strip. 72 different channels of analog sound, based on the iconic Neve VXS console owned by Brainworx Germany.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_console SSL 4000 E
    • Officially approved by SOLID STATE LOGIC (SSL) - 72 channels of 4000E series, injected with patent-pending Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT).
    • Brainworx
    • bx_console SSL 4000 G
    • Officially approved by SSL. 72 different channels of 4000 G console sound with proportional Q! Injected with patent-pending Tolerance Modeling Technology (TMT).
    • Brainworx
    • bx_control V2
    • M/S Stereo Field Enhancement plus Sophisticated Monitoring and Metering.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_delay 2500
    • The bx_delay 2500 is an innovative delay plugin with signature Brainworx M/S and effects processing like Ducking & Distortion. Your new go to delay plugin!
    • Brainworx
    • bx_digital V3
    • The M/S EQ! Future Music’s “Plugin of the Decade” gets a raft of new features for V3. Mono & Stereo versions included!
    • Brainworx
    • bx_distorange
    • Snarling, grinding distortion relied on by artists ranging from Kurt Cobain to Steve Vai.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_dynEQ V2
    • A truly new approach to dynamic EQ. Innovative M/S cross-trigger features for results simply not possible with any other Equalizer.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_greenscreamer
    • The most popular overdrive pedal ever made, faithfully re-created as a plugin.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_hybrid V2
    • This powerful 11-band EQ allows you to quickly identify and fix problem frequencies. It offers analog audio quality and digital DNA.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_limiter
    • Professional low-latency Stem limiter for mono & stereo channels. Catch transients early in the mix, and save your main mastering limiter some work. Get cleaner mixes!
    • Brainworx
    • bx_masterdesk
    • #1 Best-Selling Plugin of 2018! A complete analog mastering desk in your DAW! Easy and Professional.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_megadual
    • A faithful emulation of perhaps the most popular boutique tube guitar amp ever built.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_megasingle
    • A faithful emulation of a the legendary sound of a tube rectifier guitar amp.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_metal2
    • This exacting emulation of the Boss MT-2™ stomp pedal gives you anything from clean guitar tones to total metal mayhem.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_meter
    • Sophisticated Peak, RMS and Dynamic Range meter provides a detailed look at your audio signal, which will help improve the sound of your mixes.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_oberhausen
    • Modeled using Brainworx' experience with analog audio gear, the bx_oberhausen synthesizer is a virtual instrument like no other. Stacked with TMT and M/S features, and offering a powerful set of effect modules.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_opto
    • Extremely musical Optical Compressor from Brainworx delivers artifact-free opto-tone for days.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_opto Pedal
    • A simple-to-use version of Brainworx’s Optical Compression Tone Monster. Great on guitars, vocals and even drums.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_panEQ
    • The Panoramic EQ by BX allows you to adjust frequencies at any discrete position of the stereo field. Must-Have plugin for Mix, Mastering and Sound Design.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_refinement
    • Tame nasty high frequency harshness. Add sparkling presence and life with precision.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_rockrack V3
    • Eight (8) guitar & bass amps, rivaling high-end DSP systems. Includes one original ENGL and the BX Metal 666!
    • Brainworx
    • bx_rooMS
    • The M/S Reverb by Brainworx. Ultra-low on the CPU, can be used traditionally (Send) or even as an Insert FX on individual tracks!
    • Brainworx
    • bx_saturator V2
    • Flexible M/S Multi-Band Saturation plugin, to get your mixes and signals to cut through.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_shredspread
    • Intelligent M/S width for doubled riff guitars. Auto-avoid common phase problems, and sound extra-wide and tight!
    • Brainworx
    • bx_stereomaker
    • Convert any mono signal to stereo with this frequency-optimized M/S upmixing plugin. Great for synths, guitars, vocals and snares!
    • Brainworx
    • bx_subsynth
    • The Holy Grail for Bass Fanatics! Generate sub, punch and saturation; modeled after the heart of a dbx 120XP subharmonic synthesizer.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_townhouse Buss Compressor
    • In 1978 the Townhouse Studio crew in London built a Buss Compressor from legendary console parts. The perfect fit for our SSL 4000 E/G bx_console plugins.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_tuner
    • Accurate tuning for guitar & bass with useful features like volume dimming. Tune up right before you hit the record button.
    • Brainworx
    • bx_XL V2
    • The New Loud! bx_XL V2 is an M/S stereo mastering limiter which makes your mixes competitively loud while retaining desirable dynamics!
    • Brainworx
    • bx_yellowdrive
    • Warm to crunch to shred with this classic “Yellow” pedal in plugin form.
    • Chandler Limited
    • GAV19T
    • Classic Tube Amp Tones with a Modern Twist.
    • Dangerous Music
    • BAX EQ
    • One of the most musical EQs on the planet. Hard to beat on the master buss or during tracking. Plugin made by Brainworx!
    • Dear Reality
    • dearVR music
    • Mix your music in 3D! In any DAW, and all you need is a set of headphones!
    • Dear Reality
    • dearVR pro
    • The professional 3D Audio solution for sound designers and music professionals in the VR/AR industry.
    • Diezel
    • Herbert
    • The Metal Monster DIEZEL is known and loved for around the globe. But get ready for some of the cleanest clean sounds you have heard in the box as well!
    • Diezel
    • VH4
    • The iconic first DIEZEL amp that started it all! The VH4 revolutionized the industry with its 4-Channel design and its raw power.
    • DS Audio
    • Thorn V1.2
    • Thorn is a virtual instrument that was designed to be easy to use and create really modern sounds. And it gets you there with just a few mouse clicks.
    • elysia
    • alpha compressor
    • The alpha compressor plugin is a faithful software reincarnation of elysia’s legendary $10,000 analog M/S mastering compressor.
    • elysia
    • karacter
    • elysia’s charismatic M/S coloring box adds tame to twisted shades of saturation and tube-inspired tone.
    • elysia
    • mpressor
    • With ground-breaking features like a gain reduction limiter and negative ratios, the mpressor redefines what a compressor can do.
    • elysia
    • museq
    • The museq plugin puts elysia's musical equalizer straight into your DAW, with all the tone and functionality of the original hardware. And then some.
    • elysia
    • nvelope
    • Next level transient shaping tool. Manage the attack and sustain of your signals with more precision than ever.
    • elysia
    • Phil's Cascade
    • elysia Phil's Cascade is a plugin based on a one-off prototype hardware, which was built exclusively to be modeled! Esoteric components from the last century!
    • ENGL
    • E646 VS
    • The ENGL E646 VS delivers the tones required for modern metal - from crystal cleans to high gain goodness. And much more.
    • ENGL
    • E765 RT
    • The amp you should hear! Singing Distortion & Crunchy Rock Riffs, as well as sparkling cleans.
    • fiedler audio
    • stage
    • Next-gen spatial augmentation tool that supercharges the stereo image of your mixes.
    • Lindell Audio
    • 254E
    • The Classic English Analog Limiter, inspired by the legendary NEVE® 2254E™. The sound of Rock'n’Roll for the Master Buss, Drums, Guitar group, etc.
    • Lindell Audio
    • 354E
    • Multi-Band M/S Compressor based on the Vintage Vibe of the Neve® 2254E™.
    • Lindell Audio
    • 6X-500
    • The tone of the original transformer-coupled preamplifier and passive 2 band EQ are captured in the plugin version.
    • Lindell Audio
    • 7X-500
    • Lindell brings vintage “76” style FET based compression tone and lightning fast attack time to this native plugin.
    • Lindell Audio
    • ChannelX
    • Module-based channel strip, arrange the 3 modules to taste! Includes 1176-like FET compression, Pultec EQ and a pre-amp simulation.
    • Lindell Audio
    • PEX-500
    • Lindell brings the sweet musical sound of the legendary Pultec EQ to a plugin.
    • Lindell Audio
    • TE-100
    • The classic 1960's all-tube UE-100 Universal Equalizer from Klein & Hummel™ in a plugin!
    • Louder Than Liftoff
    • Chop Shop
    • A super musical analog 500 Series EQ. Transforms complexity into simplicity!
    • Maag Audio
    • EQ2
    • The perfect compliment to the legendary EQ4 and a great standalone EQ.
    • Maag Audio
    • EQ4
    • The wonder EQ from Mäag Audio. Adds that magic “AIR” to your Vocal Tracks and the Master Buss.
    • Maag Audio
    • Magnum-K
    • MAGNUM-K is a dual Compressor + Limiter ft. the famous AIR BAND®! Made by Brainworx and injected with patent-pending TMT (Tolerance Modeling Technology).
    • Millennia
    • NSEQ-2
    • Millennia’s premium mixing/mastering EQ lets you choose between ultra-transparent tube and solid-state signal paths.
    • Millennia
    • TCL-2
    • Faithful emulation of this purist-design, $3500 Hardware Opto-Compressor.
    • Noveltech
    • Character
    • Noveltech CHARACTER intelligently enhances the tonal spectrum and dynamics(!) found in the signal. No nonsense auto-improvement tool.
    • Noveltech
    • Vocal Enhancer
    • Polish the most important signal in your mixes. Easy, with professional results.
    • ProAudioDSP
    • DSM V3
    • Pro Audio DSP DSM V3 is a unique multiband processor. Capture the characteristics of any source, and apply it to any other sound. Incredible Mastering Tool!
    • Purple Audio
    • MC77
    • Super fast response time and an impeccable, all-discrete signal path. The Purple Audio MC77 plugin is a classic dynamics tool on steroids!
    • Schoeps
    • Mono Upmix
    • SCHOEPS Mono Upmix: From Mono To Stereo & LCR. Improve your flexibility when working with mono sources in a mix.
    • Shadow Hills
    • Mastering Compressor
    • The King of Compression from Shadow Hills Industries. New & Enhanced with External SC, Parallel Mix and more.
    • SPL
    • Attacker Plus
    • Punch up the attack of percussive sounds with this Microplug featuring the attack portion of SPL’s Transient Designer Plus.
    • SPL
    • De-Essers
    • SPL De-Esser Collection. They remove undesired sibilant frequencies precisely without compromising the timbre and character of your vocals. The most musically sounding De-Essers!
    • SPL
    • De-Verb Plus
    • The De-Verb Plus Microplug employs SPL’s renowned Transient Designer processing to seamlessly pull room tone and/or reverb out of your audio.
    • SPL
    • DrumXchanger
    • DrumXchanger utilizes 2 SPL Transient Designers to make replacing drums in real-time (!) a snap.
    • SPL
    • EQ Ranger Plus
    • 181 genre & instrument-specific EQ modules! There’s never been a faster path to professional EQ sound.
    • SPL
    • HawkEye
    • This meter tool by SPL stands out with special functions to analyze high resolution audio and the ability to arrange the plugin-components freely on your screen!
    • SPL
    • IRON
    • Utilizing Brainworx expertise in precise modeling of complex analog circuits, SPL now brings this versatile tool into your DAW preserving its unique sound and character.
    • SPL
    • Mo-Verb Plus
    • Enhance the Sustain of any audio signal! Great on snares and keys.
    • SPL
    • Passeq
    • The first hardware passive EQ with 3 separate frequency ranges for both boost and cut is available as a1:1 plugin emulation!
    • SPL
    • Transient Designer Plus
    • The King of Level-Independent Transient Control! Adjust Attack and Sustain of anything. Snares other drums, piano, masters, etc.
    • SPL
    • TwinTube
    • Tube Tone and Warmth in an easy, smooth way. Make your bass drums, guitars and vocals stick out.
    • SPL
    • Vitalizer MK2-T
    • Patented, un-masking EQ from Germany - a modern classic. Enhance your master buss and individual signals.
    • Unfiltered Audio
    • BYOME
    • BYOME (Build Your Own Modular Effect) is the ultimate modular effects processor. It combines Unfiltered's endless modulation options with a collection of over 40 effect modules.
    • Unfiltered Audio
    • Dent 2
    • A highly versatile distortion plugin with a full battery of wave-shaping and sound design tools.
    • Unfiltered Audio
    • Fault
    • Warp Your Audio in Exciting New Ways - Creative Pitch Shifting and Modulation deluxe!
    • Unfiltered Audio
    • G8
    • Gate your tracks and unlock your mind with this useful, incredibly innovative and creative tool.
    • Unfiltered Audio
    • Indent 2
    • Intuitive and sleek saturation/tone box with a powerful modulation system.
    • Unfiltered Audio
    • Instant Delay
    • An echo powerhouse in a tiny package with built-in filtering, saturation, and a powerfully intuitive modulation system.
    • Unfiltered Audio
    • LION
    • LION is a multi-mode synth packed with amazing oscillator modes, industry leading FX and Unfiltered Audio’s powerful modulation system. Download it today and jump right in to discover your next big sound!
    • Unfiltered Audio
    • Sandman
    • This incredible delay does everything you ever wanted a plugin to do - as well as a myriad of things you never imagined a delay could.
    • Unfiltered Audio
    • Sandman Pro
    • A Swiss Army knife delay unit that doubles as a transmogrifying time machine for your sonic travels
    • Unfiltered Audio
    • SpecOps
    • A spectral toolkit of mix processors, sweeteners, and sound manglers that slices, dices, and dissects your audio with surgical precision.
    • Unfiltered Audio
    • TRIAD
    • BYOME’s multi-band big brother. TRIAD combines state of the art processing, versatile modulation and dozens of effects.
    • Unfiltered Audio
    • Zip
    • The Lamborghini of creative compression sounds. Process your audio based on quietness or darkness? Yes, and more!
    • Vertigo
    • VSC-2
    • The classic tone of the best VCA compressors from the 70s and 80s with a modern, mastering quality signal path.
    • Vertigo
    • VSM-3
    • Mastering Grade Saturation and M/S processing. The VSM-3 is a digital emulation of a $7k hardware unit!

Customer Reviews

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    by Larry
    After using the Mega Bundle I can find one PA plugin to solve a problem instead of two or three other plugins as before with better quality. After getting the monthly plan I've been mainly using the… Read More
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    Thank you and enjoy! Happy mixing.


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