Interview with Benjamin Rice

by Plugin Alliance

We discuss the many challenges music producers face, with Benjamin Rice who recently worked with Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper on 'A Star Is Born'

Mixing It Up with Andrew Scheps

Mixing engineer/producer Andrew Scheps explains enhancing guitars with vocal tools, saturating single frequency bands and the plugins he grabs when a mix needs some love

Interview with Ryan Farish

by Plugin Alliance

We recently caught up with Ryan Farish in the studio to discuss some of his favourite features in the bx_oberhausen as well as the presets he designed for it.

Interview with Khaliq Glover

by Plugin Alliance

Khaliq Glover tells us about his most memorable moments in the studio and some of his secrets of what is most important in recording good music.

Interview with The Thrillseekers

by Plugin Alliance

We caught up with Steve Helstrip of The Thrillseekers, and talked about his creative process in the studio.

Craig Bauer’s Mixing Process

by Craig Bauer

I really like leaving a mix overnight so that I can get a fresh perspective with fresh ears the next morning.

Mixing Loud Without Destroying Dynamics

by Craig Bauer

Need to present a mix to a client that is as loud as commercially available mastered tracks in a pinch? Craig Bauer offers us tips on how to get this done.