Are you looking for the ultimate all-in-one mastering plugin, or considering upgrading from the original best-selling bx_masterdesk? Then you should check out Charles Hoffman’s walkthrough of the brand-new bx_masterdesk True Peak from Brainworx.

The Black Ghost Audio man goes deep on the mastering plugin’s brand-new features. He shows how they can really help to create the perfect masters for streaming and online distribution. Anyone can use the bx_masterdesk True Peak to transform a rough mix into a high-quality master in under a minute. Watch the video below.

Time to upgrade from bx_masterdesk? 
If you own the original bx_masterdesk you can add the True Peak version to your collection for just $19.99 - please login to our website! This brand-new mastering plugin is also included in the MEGA Bundle and MIX & MASTER Bundle