From the start of his career as an intern at Platinum Island Studios in the 90's to mixing artists like Jay-Z, Nas, Pharrell Williams, Erykah Badu, Will Smith, Beastie Boys, Usher; Grammy Award-winning engineer Ken "DURO" Ifill built up a discography that now spans two decades that mixing engineers can only dream of. 

Justin Colletti interviewed DURO to find out more about the consoles throughout his career and why the SSL 9000 J became an invaluable part of his mixing in the studio.

Watch the full interview here:


We asked DURO to create a set of presets for the Brainworx bx_console SSL 9000 J which you can download free!

Duro Brainworx bx_console SSL 9000 J Presets

Sound Examples

If you'd like to hear some sound examples of the Brainworx bx_console SSL 9000 J in action, listen below: