ADPTR AUDIO founder Marc Adamo (Mix Engineer & Developer), created Metric AB as clients were always bringing mix references into sessions hoping to model their own tracks after them. In a clean and easy layout, Metric AB allows users to hear and see the A and B mixes side by side in real-time.

Written by Marc Adamo

Marc Adamo Metric A/B

Metric AB Concept

Metric AB was designed to be the ultimate tool for mix referencing. After years of doing things the hard way, we distilled all the tools and practices into one streamlined workflow, so you can concentrate on the fun part - mixing. We recently updated Metric AB with over 30 new features, including the ones most requested by users. If you haven’t already downloaded the update, you need to check it out. Get your hands on gain faders for the master outputs, filter presets with graphic editing, redesigned dynamics page, Infinite Average analysis, track organization, and lots more.


We are currently working on our next plugin, we can’t reveal what it is yet, but we will say it is sublime and will make you re-think the way you work. Instead of selling you instant fixes and voodoo DSP tricks, we want to help you use the best tools you already have, your ears and eyes, better than ever before.

Marc Adamo Metric A/B

Metric AB Tips

A/B Your Mix against Your Mix

Sometimes we lose the vibe of a rough mix by over-polishing things or changing the relationship of volumes too much. A simple and effective way to ensure that all your decisions push your mix values in the right direction is to A/B your mix in progress, against your original mix. At the start of the session, make a bounce of the rough mix, load it back into Metric AB and select SYNC for the playback mode. Now when you make changes to the levels and effects processing, you can hear how effective the changes are, by relating them back to the original mix. No matter where you are on the timeline, SYNC mode keeps the A and B mixes in the same position, so you can always compare like for like.

Remember, you can also use the Loudness Match button on the B track to match the loudness and volume to the A stream. This way, you won’t be fooled into thinking things sound better just because they are louder. Once you make some changes you like, make a new bounce and add that to another slot in Metric AB (remember to use the SYNC mode) and now you have a second reference to work from. Think of them as a breadcrumb trail to remind you of where the mix came and how it is progressing. Another advantage of this is you don’t have to reload old sessions to remind you of where you started from, plus the SYNC playback mode allows you to compare any part of the mix to the exact same part of the mix instantly.

Marc Adamo Metric A/B

Mixing Session Stems

When you are sent the stems from a recording session, you have to check everything against the rough mix to ensure that everything is in the right place and nothing is missing. Just load up the rough mix into Metric AB and use the SYNC mode to keep the B mix in sync with the session (A stream). Now you can jump anywhere in the track and hear if all the pieces of the puzzle are in position, ready to start the fun part; Mixing. 

Marc Adamo Metric A/B

Infinite Average

Sometimes you need to step back to see the big picture to understand what is going on in the analyzer. If you want a better understanding of the whole track, use INFINITE AVERAGE to build up the picture over time. This works for the Spectrum, Correlation, and Stereo Image analyzers. Set the Average time to INFINITE (this is the max setting) and let the track run for at least a few seconds, or better yet, for the whole section, e.g., verse, chorus, drop, etc. After a few seconds, you will notice the graph begins to settle into a steady reading, as it accumulates for information about the frequencies it hears in the track for the whole time period.

Once it settles, you get a graph that is much easier to read than if you used a faster time setting which only shows you what is going on in the moment. 

Watch this interview with Marc Adamo, as he talks about the very beginnings of Metric AB, as well as testimonials from the likes of James Wiltshire, Matt Colton and many more.

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