Toronto's very own mixing and recording engineer George Seara is known for working with artists from all genres. His impressive list of clients he worked with includes names like Shawn Mendes, James Bay, Alessia Cara, Rihanna, Drake, Holly Cole, Herbie Hancock, and Sting. 

For the release of the power saturator plugin BIG AL from Neold George teams up with Justin Colletti to discuss saturation in general, how he uses saturation mainly to fatten up the signal, and the sonic qualities that Neold BIG AL adds to tracks and busses. That said, George was kind enough to create custom presets for you to download (for free, of course). Use them as a starting point for your own mixes. 

Furthermore, they talk about the advantages of a hybrid analog/digital setup, and why George often sticks to the SSL 4000 E & G plugins even though he has an SSL hardware console at his fingertips.


George Seara Neold BIG AL Presets

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