Why do mega metal acts like Sepultura, or Kreator fly all across the globe to Sweden for their studio productions? The answer is simple: They all want that distinct Jens Bogren Sound. 

As a producer, Jens helped shape modern Heavy Metal Music as we know it for the past twenty years and has become the number one go-to address for many metal bands, when it comes to nailing down their next big (Head)-Banger-Record. 

Being a heavy Plugin Alliance plugin user, Jens invited us to his new studio to talk about his favorite Plugin Alliance tools, especially the Diezel VH4.

Be sure to download the VH4 presets below and check out the whole interview with Jens here:

Just like Jens, the VH4 Amp has become an integral part of the modern-day heavy metal sound and Jens was so kind to share his VH4 presets with us so that you don’t need to fly all the way to Sweden, to get that Jens Borgen Sound for your productions. 


Jens Bogren Diezel VH4 Presets

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