Learn about the new features added to ADPTR AUDIO’s Streamliner plugin in version 1.1. Explore UI updates, zero latency mode, a new preset category, and more.


ADPTR AUDIO’s Streamliner is a comprehensive mastering plugin designed to optimize audio for digital streaming platforms. It features state-of-the-art metering tools for loudness, dynamics, and true peak levels. There’s also a codec auditioning feature that simulates how audio will sound when streamed.

Streamliner offers A/B comparisons with reference tracks, automatic loudness matching, and the ability to export audio files in platform-specific codecs. It lets you make informed mastering decisions by providing these features in an easy-to-use interface, ensuring your music sounds its best on Spotify, Apple Music, and many other platforms.

Streamliner version 1.1 has just been released, and it includes some very exciting updates:

Compatibility and UI Updates

  • Apple Silicon compatible with native plugins for M1 and M2 machines
  • AAX compatibility with the latest Pro Tools Silicon build
  • Optimized UI to accommodate new features
  • Ability to bypass settings in the center of the plugin window
  • New toggle button to hide the codec panel and work with meters only

Modes and Metering

  • Automatic switch to zero latency in Meters mode
  • Moved Levels presets menu to the left side, above the meters
  • New transport button under the integrated LUFS meter
  • Option to reset meters when the plugin window is closed (available in Settings menu)

New Features and Presets

  • New preset category for broadcast and TVC
  • Updated presets for podcast and music streaming platforms, including Spotify's three normalization tiers
  • New digital display under the True Peak meter's target value
  • Expanded target range to -12 dB

Auditioning and Artefacts

  • Artefacts button for listening to sonic differences between original and encoded audio
  • Warning message in low latency mode when trying to use the Artefacts button
  • Option to deselect Low Latency mode in Settings for Artefacts button to function

Sync and Playback

  • Support for M4A audio files on Windows
  • Custom start position setting in Sync mode
  • Message to restart DAW transport if no valid song position is detected

Export Features

  • Relocated Export button under the reference track
  • Batch export all codec profiles from the current platform preset with a single click
  • Option to quickly convert the reference track to only the outputs you need with custom platform presets

An image of ADAPTR Audio's Streamliner

 ADPTR AUDIO Streamliner 1.1 Update

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