Producer, mixer, Matty Amendola demos the new mastering grade mojo plugin in town — THE OVEN. This is the hotly anticipated emulation of the groundbreaking, cult studio hardware from Maor Appelbaum of Maor Appelbaum Mastering and Chris Henderson of Hendyamps. 

Get a breakdown of the controls and features on the GUI of THE OVEN. Find out how the Temp, Cook, Burners, Sizzle, Flow, Bake, Broil, Elec and Gas controls shape the sound and response of the emulated solid state and tube sections of the plugin. 

Hear how THE OVEN plugin adds depth to the drums on a studio track. Learn a respected studio engineers' view on the role of saturation and analog mojo in professional mixing and mastering. All this and more in the video below.


THE OVEN is now available to buy and included in the MEGA Bundles