... and a NEW PA MEGASTORE!?

Big news! Effective today, we have 3 new MEGA Bundles for everybody, with plans starting as low as just $14.99/month! All our current subscribers of the original "MEGA Bundle" have been upgraded automatically to the new MEGA XXL - at no extra cost! There are 2 smaller plans now as well (MEGA L & MEGA XL), and every year you can keep up to 10 FREE plugins with MEGA!

Enjoy the added feature and benefits, for example the exclusive access to our NEW PA BETA program: use upcoming plugins weeks (sometimes months!) earlier than anybody else can buy or rent them, and discuss them in our new community (starting September 2022) with other PA fans & experts.


To roll out our new MEGA Bundles and multiple new initiatives in the next few weeks, we have created a new PA MEGASTORE. All the info can be found at

This new website will serve as a modern front-end for, to offer you the latest and greatest in the world of PA &  SOUNDWIDE  very soon. Soundwide is the new super-group of companies that we joined earlier this year, together with NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, IZOTOPE, BRAINWORX and SOUND STACKS.

What does this mean for you?

We will continue to offer high quality plugins from amazing brands, just like we have always done. But more than ever, we will focus on getting all our users access to ALL our plugins, at prices that are (almost) too good to be true. :-)

We have started reorganizing the Alliance a few weeks ago, when we retired the FOREVER 29 plan. Which means we are not accepting new subscribers for this plan, but we still have thousands of users that are happily using the service and collecting their PA plugin month by month.

We will now apply the same method to our smaller subscription bundles, namely the MIX & MASTER bundle, the ESSENTIAL bundle and the MUSICIAN bundle. We will not accept new subscribers to these plans from September 1st, 2022, on. But if you are subscribed to any of these plans we will honor them and continue the service. So if you love your current plan, no need to change anything.

We suggest you take a look at the NEW MEGA L, XL and XXL plans though! These new plans may just be a notch above what you are currently using, and we encourage you to take advantage of all the newly added benefits, simply by switching to a new plan. We just didn't want to make that decision for you, so unless you are a current user of the original MEGA bundle, you need to actively switch to a new plan if you choose to do so.

ALL our current subscribers to the original MEGA Bundle have been upgraded to the new MEGA XXL automatically, at no extra cost whatsoever. The new XXL is everything the old MEGA Bundle was, just MORE, so it was a no-brainer to upgrade every original MEGA Bundle user. We have even honored old existing "2019 Deal of Your Lifetime" pricing that many of you still benefit from, and if you belong to the lucky early adopters from 2019, you may just continue to enjoy the new MEGA XXL and all its new features - at your original low price!

Again, all the info can be found at right now, please check it out!

Let us know on social media what you think of the new MEGA Bundles and the new website!

Thank you and see you there!
Dirk & the PA Team.