Plugin Alliance and Brainworx are proud to announce the very first in a series of new plugins under the iconic AMEK brand name, which has just joined the Plugin Alliance family. The first product under the new AMEK brand is the EQ 200, which is modeled after some of the most coveted hardware EQs ever designed.


    • $399
    • AMEK
    • EQ 200
    • ★★★★★
    • Inspired by the fidelity of iconic EQs from GML and Sontec. Enhanced for 2020 and beyond with TMT!
      • Hardware Emulations
      • M/S Inside
      • Made by BX
      • Mastering
      • TMT inside

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  • Howie Weinberg

    Howie Weinberg

    15 Grammy Awards, 32 Grammy nominations

    Every session I open has the AMEK EQ 200 in. It's not just the perfect layout or the additional Mono Maker & Stereo Width, but the sound, it has the sound of an INCREDIBLE EQ.

  • Glenn Schick

    Glenn Schick

    Mastering Engineer (Future, J. Cole, Missy Elliot)

    Plugin Alliance obviously put in a lot of thought when designing the Amek 200 EQ. Based off a gold standard classic EQ known for its transparency, they added tons of new, really useful features that no hardware unit would be capable of. It's really a Swiss army tool to have in your toolkit. It can be clean & surgical, or add color & depth. TMT modeling, Saturation, and Stereo width controls let you take it from subtle to creative. It's a winner!

  • Matt Schaeffer

    Matt Schaeffer

    Recording Engineer (Kendrick Lamar, Bakar, A$AP Rocky)

    I've been trying the AMEK EQ 200 out on drums and mix bus for a couple weeks now. It sounds great and is loaded with features. I love the added hi/lo pass filters. Although the EQ sounds great, the extra features are what really take it to the next level as a master bus processor. You have i/o metering with clip indicators, a phase correlation meter, and +/- 15 dB i/o gain control. You have a gain scale control to tone down or exaggerate your settings, you can switch to mid side EQ, add distortion, stereo widener, and my favorite for drum overheads/rooms - the mono maker. The TMT option is a great addition to add subtle differences to each or your channels the way an analog console would.