Founded in Nettetal Germany in 2005 by Ruben Tilgner and Dominik Klaßen, elysia began as an obsession: Would it actually be possible to really build the special machine they had in mind, with all the features and sound characteristics they dreamed of? The answer, in the form of their first and still flagship product, the alpha compressor, was yes!

Since then, elysia has become a union of creative audio enthusiasts who have a clearly defined objective: The development and production of high-quality audio equipment featuring that certain something. Elysia do not want to settle for the status quo and rehash existing concepts time and again. Their goal is to adapt their products to current demands in everyday studio life.

These are the fundamentals on which elysia products are built. The elysia name has come to represent the highest sound quality, the exclusive use of top grade components, perfect workflow and reliability, and the implementation of innovative features without voodoo, but with a real profit in daily usage.


    • $199
    • elysia
    • karacter
    • elysia’s charismatic M/S “coloring box” adds tame to twisted shades of saturation and tube-inspired tone.
      • Hardware Emulations
    • $199
    • elysia
    • nvelope
    • Next level tool for managing the attack and sustain of your tracks.
      • Hardware Emulations
    • $299
    • elysia
    • alpha compressor
    • The alpha compressor plugin is a faithful software reincarnation of elysia’s legendary $10,000 analog M/S mastering compressor.
      • Hardware Emulations
      • Mastering
    • $199
    • elysia
    • mpressor
    • With ground-breaking features like a gain reduction limiter and negative ratios, the mpressor redefines what a compressor can do.
      • Hardware Emulations
    • $249
    • elysia
    • museq
    • The museq plugin makes elysia´s musical equalizer come alive in your DAW with all the tone and functionality of the original hardware.
      • Hardware Emulations
    • elysia
    • niveau filter
    • A super simple tone control that works like a set of scales. When you add highs you reduce lows and vice versa. Extremely useful and totally FREE!
      • Free

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  • Allen Hunnie
    Allen Hunnie

    I must say wooow what a plugin... makes me wish I really had a chance to try the real unit... I still want the real hardware now more than ever... I must say I never wanted to purchase something so fast before :) Now where can I get the money for the hardware unit?

  • Geert Bevin
    Geert Bevin

    I released my band's debut album on Monday after having done the final mastering with the elysia alpha plugin during the weekend. It was wonderful to be able to use this compressor in unlinked M/S mode, Auto Fast does wonders and I was surprised at how effective just a touch of the Niveau Filter could be to homogenize different songs. I'm very happy with how it turned out.

  • Ronan Chris Murphy
    Ronan Chris Murphy

    The nvelope blows open all sorts of creative options that have not been available to me using traditional dynamic tools. For a mixer like me that is crazy about manipulating dynamics, the nvelope brings things to a whole new level.

    about nvelope