What happens if a small group of audio enthusiasts with 100% complementary interests keeps running into each other time and again? They inevitably start to plot something! In our case, that certain something manifested as digital emulations of excellent analog gear, both new and old.


    • $249$99.99
    • NEOLD
    • V76U73
    • ★★★★★
    • Capture the old school vibe of one of the richest sounding tube preamps and compressors in audio history.
      • Hardware Emulations
      • Sale

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  • Greg Wells

    Greg Wells

    Taylor Swift, Adele, Pharrell Williams, Kid Cudi

    It’s so f*$!ing cool! This plugin has a major vibe… excellent work, folks!

  • Mosty


    Latin Grammy Winning Producer, Engineer, Mixer

    The NEOLD V76U73 is a beast of a compressor capable of making everything sound huge with a musical taste. The compression this unit brings is addictive.

  • Jason LaRocca

    Jason LaRocca

    Producer, Engineer, Scoring Mixer

    The NEOLD V76U73 is a serious beast. I am using it now on my mixes for Assassin's Creed Valhalla and it is just making everything sound big and open.