Recently award-winning producer and mixer Adam Moseley (The Cure, Kiss, Rush, U2 Tina Turner) showed the Plugin Alliance channel How to Mix a Song from Start to Finish, watch the video below.

During this session, he also talked us through his top 10 Plugins from Plugin Alliance. Anyone aware of the amazing work Adam has done will be keen to scroll down and read his list.


Adam Moseley’s 10 best Plugin Alliance Plugins

10. Noveltech Vocal Enhancer

“This gets into my faves for its ability to add brightness, presence, and clarity to vocal tracks. This plugin helps the vocals cut through the mix while maintaining their natural character and warmth yet keeps the vocal present and focused.”

Noveltech vocal ehancer plugin

9. Ampeg B15N

“This plugin model of the classic Ampeg B15N bass amp (my favourite bass amp) is beloved for its ability to add weight, warmth and depth. It’s particularly suitable for enhancing the low end of the bass in the mix or adding to a Fender Rhodes keyboard (real or virtual) especially in genres like R&B. Couple this with the Lindell 80 Channel and it will make your vintage dreams come true.”

Ampeg guitar bass amp plugin

8. Brainworx bx_refinement

“This is my first choice when I need to reduce or tame any problematic harshness and or resonance, helping me achieve a more balanced and pleasant tonal character. I also use this to add analog tube saturation.”


bx_refinement plugin

7. Lindell Audio 902 De-Esser

“This de-esser was always my preferred hardware solution to sibilance. The plugin stands out for its authenticity and precision in controlling sibilance. The excellent visual representation of the frequency reduction allows me to fine-tune the vocal performance and dial in the reduction of those frequencies with total precision.”


Lindell 902 plugin

6. Brainworx bx_opto

“I chose this for its ability to add body, tighten, and enhance the presence of vocals, crunchy guitars or any dynamic track that needs to be controlled while adding body. this optical compressor is great for its smooth and natural-sounding compression characteristics.”

bx Opto


“As with all Plugin Alliance plugins, this version of a LA2A comes with so many more additional features than the original hardware provide,s while still staying true to the legendary tone and character. In addition to offering control for the ‘recovery’, this offers an ‘aging’ control, wher you can move through different ‘eras’ or versions of the classic sound.”


4. Lindell 80 Series

“This plugin is a beauty. I used to have a Neve 8028 from 1969. It was custom made for George Martin. This emulation of the classic, vintage Neve channel is absolutely authentic and feels so real. The character is exact and again, the TMT variations are genius.”


Lindell 902 plugin

3. Brainworx bx_console SSL 4000E:

“I was one of the first SSL engineers in the UK and this plugin could not be closer to the real thing. In fact, it’s more reliable. The TMT option provides the perfect way to create a console for your mix with authentic variation on each channel . It’s amazing.”

SSL Channel strip plugin

2. Brainworx bx_digital V3 EQ

“Placed before the Shadow Hills, this gives precise control across the EQ spectrum and the ability to enhance mono and stereo elements separately. The ‘Auto-Solo’ and ‘Auto-Listen’ work so beautifully to help you indentify exactly what frequencies you’re looking for and how any changes wok in the mix. It can be applied very smoothly or surgically.”

bx_digital plugin

1. Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor:

“This compressor is the absolute go-to in my mastering chain. It provides transparent and musical compression that enhances the mix's dynamics and cohesiveness without sacrificing clarity or punch. It’s extremely versatile and always works.”

Shadow Hills Mastering compressor plugin

Honourable mentions

-Lindell 50 (API)

-Brainworx bx_console N (88R)

-Brainworx bx_townhouse Buss Compressor SPL HawkEye

-ADPTR Metric AB

-Bx_limiter True Peak


Want more Adam Moseley content? Check out his second appearance on the Plugin Alliance YouTube channel, where he walks through the process of mixing a full song.



Those with MEGA can download all these plugins now through the installation manager. As for you collectors, you’ll find all these plugins on offer in this month’s Leap Year Sale.