Shadow Hills Industries, an Industrial Military Contractor, has recently switched to developing fine recording equipment, utilizing proprietary Operative Technologies.

Some of the non-classified technologies developed by Shadow Hills Industries are The Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, The Quad Golden Age Microphone Amp, The Equinox, The Mono Gama, The Mono Optograph, The Dual Vandergraph, The Long Range Ionospheric Heater, and The Over the Horizon Mind-Control laser.


    • $329$49.99
    • Shadow Hills
    • Mastering Compressor Class A
    • ★★★★★
    • This Limited Class A RED Edition is the pinnacle of the Shadow Hills Sound, perfect for mastering, complete with TMT under the hood!
      • Hardware Emulations
      • Made by BX
      • Mastering
      • Sale
      • Secret Weapon
      • TMT inside
    • $299$39.99
    • Shadow Hills
    • Mastering Compressor
    • ★★★★★
    • Classic Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor from 2011. Iconic with its green LEDs. Great for drum busses, oozing personality & smooth mojo
      • Hardware Emulations
      • Made by BX
      • Mastering
      • Sale

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Recent Reviews

  • Rafael Pirela

    Rafael Pirela

    Producer and artist (ARPA winner, 7x Latin Grammy nominee)

    The iron transformers in the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor on my mix bus add not only harmonic distortion but also complexity to the sound and help me tame transients with less compression. I always use it in combination with the Analog Design Black Box saturation to increase the apparent volume. Discrete heavy compression, fast attack, and release in combination with the steel transformer in the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor add depth and punch to my parallel drum bus.

  • Marc Jovani

    Marc Jovani

    Film Composer (Lionsgate, Netflix, HBO, co-founder Cinematic Composing)

    I don't just use it in each one of my mixes, it also sits in each one of the stems of my orchestral composing template. I use it for orchestral cinematic music and it adds depth, clarity, and width in such a subtle and pleasant way! It's just pure magic!

  • Rich Tozzoli

    Rich Tozzoli

    Grammy-nominated Producer, Mixer, & Composer (David Bowie, Carly Simon, Boston Pops)

    Don't let the words Mastering Compressor fool you, its way more versatile than that. One of my favorite applications is on a drum bus, where I hit the Optical Threshold hard, drive it with Iron and then make it up with Discrete Gain. It feels like youre slamming metal and tubes in the best way, and it adds a ton of character to the sound. Loving this thing! Oh, and dont forget the sidechain filter around 150 hz for a smash!