Shadow Hills Industries, an Industrial Military Contractor, has recently switched to developing fine recording equipment, utilizing proprietary Operative Technologies.

Some of the non-classified technologies developed by Shadow Hills Industries are The Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, The Quad Golden Age Microphone Amp, The Equinox, The Mono Gama, The Mono Optograph, The Dual Vandergraph, The Long Range Ionospheric Heater, and The Over the Horizon Mind-Control laser.


    • $329
    • Shadow Hills
    • Mastering Compressor Class A
    • ★★★★★
    • The Limited Class A Edition. Red For The Master! The pinnacle of the Shadow Hills Sound - with TMT!
      • Hardware Emulations
      • Mastering
      • Secret Weapon
      • TMT inside
    • $299
    • Shadow Hills
    • Mastering Compressor
    • ★★★★★
    • The Classic Version of the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor plugin since 2011. Easily recognizable with its iconic green LEDs!
      • Hardware Emulations
      • Mastering

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  • Greg Wells

    Greg Wells

    Grammy-winning producer, mixer, songwriter (Taylor Swift, Adele, Pharrell Williams, Kid Cudi)

    I`m mixing at least twice as fast as I ever have, and the mixes sound completely on par with the best mixers out there.

  • Brad Divens

    Brad Divens

    FOH Engineer Enrique Iglesias & CEO fixintogetmixin inc

    Live and in the studio, Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor lives on my master buss. I won’t do a mix without it.

  • Lucas (Luke) Pimentel

    Lucas (Luke) Pimentel

    Multi-Gold & Platinum Mastering Engineer

    This has been my bread and butter whether I’m mixing or mastering. It is not a transparent sonic tool. There are plenty of boring boxes out there :)

    However, it will not be invasive coloring nor change your program in a bad way. The ability to engage both compressors or just use one, makes the SHMC incredibly versatile. There’s enough dynamic control to make you go crazy and squash the life of a source or to simply tame the unwanted peaks. Three sets of transformers to choose from is like having multiple consoles at your fingertips. The Dual mono and stereo option is a must have and although my personal preference is the first, there are many occasions where linking the channels has saved the day on mixes in need of a punchy and solid low end.

    The Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor is my desert island dynamics processor and what Brainworx has done, is a meticulously accurate emulation of my beloved hardware. No compromises. It just works like it should. No shady business. Without a shadow of doubt, the one tool you will always be reaching for!