Three-Body Technology creates awesome virtual instruments and effects using premium audio equipment and topnotch DSP programming.

They are an energetic collection of musicians, programmers, and audio engineers brought together by a common love for music, and a desire to create innovative studio technology. Their mission is to empower musicians with high-quality products, while maintaining an affordable and forwardthinking approach.

VSTs should be intuitive, yet allow for complexity and customization. By creating software with an emphasis on versatility, they aim to bring everyone closer to their goals.

Developing from a musician's perspective, they take every step to meet (and exceed) their users’ diverse needs. They view each user as a companion and collaborator in the world of music. To honor this commitment they offer long-term support for each of our products.

In music and technology we trust.


    • $299
    • Three-Body Technology
    • Kirchhoff-EQ
    • ★★★★★
    • The ultimate digital EQ plugin, with every feature you’ll ever need. Dynamics processing, vintage models, selectable phase modes and more.
      • M/S Inside
      • Mastering
      • NEW!

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  • Michael Brauer

    Michael Brauer

    7 Grammy Awards (Coldplay, John Mayer, The Rolling Stones)

    I was not expecting to have the Kirchhoff-EQ sounding so musical. Usually graft EQs are more like a surgical tool and very transparent. This plugin had a lotta warmth and punch if I chose it or smooth upper midrange almost in the pultec feel. Nice work!

  • Paul

    Paul "Willie Green" Womack

    The Roots, Wiz Khalifa, ScHoolboy Q

    The Kirchhoff is a do-it-all EQ. It's incredibly customizable and light on the CPU. Use it everywhere!

  • Neenah


    Multi-platinum mixing engineer

    The sound, intuitiveness, and precision of this EQ are very impressive. I love that I can easily get to the exact place I want with it without much effort at all and without creating unwanted resonances. It's very musical! My favorite part is the options for the dynamic EQ function.