Customer Reviews

  • Really great

    by Antonio Spoladore
    HYPE can be used in every track and helps to get fast where you want. It's like a modern channel strip. The presets section is also excellent, organized and fast. It's really a great one and sounds really good!
  • Dude, I think I'm in love...

    by fetchachizzle
    Yes, it's just been a day and some hours, but this already is replacing a few of my go-to plugins. It is able to do the job of 3 or 4 excellent plugins that I use on a daily basis - and it sounds AMAZING. No hyperbole, no cap, no whatever else you want to use for lie/exaggeration. Of course your experience may vary, but damn if this isn't a homerun for me. As a comparison to other like plugins, I feel like it is the God Particle with actual controls, for those of us that need to get hands-on with our mixes (and a master, here or there, with this plugin). PA, you have been dropping some gems lately. Stay on the hot streak, no pressure...