Customer Reviews

  • 200% Amazing

    by DJ Chef 808
    Hands Down the best analog EQ in plugin form. Was really excited to add it to my mastering collection. The sonics are phenomenal. Thank You PA and Dirk
  • Beautiful Sounding EQ

    by L Schefman
    This EQ has a beautiful sound. I like using it more than any other mastering EQ I have, and I have some good, highly-regarded ones from PA, UA, iZotope, Sonalksis, Waves, and many others.
    Using the EQ200 gives me the feeling I get using great-sounding hardware. The joy was instant.

    by SIXTIN
    super uno de mis favoritos al fin en mi DAW
  • The Magician

    by Let's Go Dancing Records
    This work for me for a quick and easy polished track:
    1) Place AMEK EQ200 on your Master buss
    2)Unlink Parameters and Activate M/S
    3)turn Up Mid HighPass knob to 24Hz
    4)Up Side HighPass to about 300Hz and LowPass to about 4-6k (to taste,sometime give an eye to the correlation meter it's helpful!)
    5)Now Listen to your Master and SMILE!
  • EQ 200

    by PMT Studio
    It has earned a permanent spot on my 2 bus.
  • Almost perfect

    by Paul Misty
    To be honest, I've never used a real Sontec or Maselec EQ. So I can't tell wether this one has the same sonic characteristics.
    On the other hand, that's not always what I'm looking for. The question is how fast I can go from A to B. And I really like this one. The MS mode is nice to have.
    I might find this lacks a little bit of punch. I tried the Sontec from Acoustica, which has more punch in the low end. But it uses 4 times as much CPU.
  • Master Channel Magic

    by Zak Rahman
    I have used this plugin for about 2-3 months before writing this review.
    This is an astounding plugin. It is extremely easy to get very powerful results with it. I feel that some master EQ plugins tend to err on the side of caution with their filters and the range of cuts you can make, but I feel that the EQ 200 puts me in very much in the driving seat.
    I don't feel like I'm doing anything special with it, or that I'm some kind of gifted engineer. This plugin is just easy to use. It offers, in my opinion, just the right amount of complexity to make it extremely flexible and powerful, yet not so much that the user feels overwhelmed. It feels like it was made my someone who understands what my job is.
    The filters themselves sound great. Capable of precision or very wide musical touches. It has made my mixes sound rich, wide and very polished indeed. I have noticed no negative effects introduced by the plugin itself.
    The GUI is very pleasant to work with. It not only looks cool, but it's easy to parse very quickly - which is important. The plugin is remarkably efficient, which surprised me considering how it sounds.
    The only thing I am not 100% convinced at is the solo mid/side functionality within the plugin itself. I feel like this boosts the volume of the isolated channel a bit too much. For me this is a non-issue - I prefer to handle these types of functions through other plugins and controls.
    I have not really delved into the TMT side of the plugin. This lives on my master, but having the option to use multiple instances of it with TMT is welcome and something I may do in the future.
    Hats off to the designers, programmers and testers. You have made a truly excellent plugin.
  • AEK EQ 200

    by Erik Dangenoir (Cercl'oeil Prodctions-CEO/Founder):INSANASOMNIA, Imaginary-Steps...
    The best mastering EQ plug-in ever created, it sounds as good as it looks : Perfect !
  • Master bus, meet your new best friend

    by Ben M
    The subject says it all. I'm pretty sure this is going to have a permanent place on the master bus of my tracks, not to mention having many other great use cases.
    Like everyone is saying, you can get some very musical settings that sound extremely natural and transparent. It has so many extra features and the UI is inspiring--it feels like you're using a well-thought-out piece of hardware, but it offers a level of convenience and integration that goes beyond hardware.
  • AMEK EQ200

    by Dannii
    My first thoughts were, "Yet another EQ. Hmm..."
    When I tried it out though, I soon discovered this is something special both in sound quality and features. It has already become a go-to for my mastering work and is destined to have a prominent position in my mixes too.
    The GUI is full of practical and useful tools while remaining intuitive and quick to use, the sound is both transparent and rich and it works equally well subtly or dramatically.
    In short, I LOVE this!