Customer Reviews

  • Mindblowing stuff right here

    by Federico Naccari
    I never review stuff, I don't really bother to do it, but this time, I have to, I just do. This EQ here is something else, it's the foundation of your Mix Bus. Before I start any mix job, I always do my mix Bus chain using the FabFilter Pro C2, and SSL G comp for the 1 db needle movement and then I add an EQ. I tried at least 5 Eqs during the way, and I was never completely satisfied with them, the closest one to my desire was the Acustica Diamond 3, but once I tried this AMEK 200 here...OH my God, what have you done guys. It sounds extremely open but not as a widener would do (although you get the option, but I am taling about HQ open sound feeling), it clears the fog on the high spectrum and it gets so warm, round but not too vintage like in the bass mid bass region. Mid frequencies are top notch, not a sign of ear fatiguing. Just take it. I would have never spent 399$ for a plugin, and I wasn't thinking to spend 199$ (that was the offer) either for a single unit,but after I demoed it I just did it, straight away. Well done. And thank you for the DSP stuff, very well done
  • Much more than just an EQ

    by Johnathan Kay
    I am not sure what is going on with the algorithms, some psychoacoustic unmasking technology perhaps, akin to Vitalizer?
    Not sure how these things work, however, this is the best EQ I ever owned!!!
    It's musical, gentle yet powerful and it doesn't just cut frequencies off (or add), it seems to compliment the surrounding frequencies around the ones one works on.
    It also has a bizarre enhancing property (which is FANTASTIC for mastering), as I said in the description, much more than just an EQ!!
    One small thing, be advised that the V-Gain adds some analogue properties, including hiss, from which I nearly had a heart attack whilst hard at work on scoring a film.
    I turned the V-Gain right down and the hiss was gone, a very small issue, but this EQ still gets 5 starts from me!!!
  • Amek eq 200

    by Rex
    I have been in the music business for years. I am not a pro engineer like many of your great teachers. It took me to go through the manual and really see what this plug in is capable of. This is is the best EQ I've used. There are other great EQs of course but for me this is the best.
  • The Sweet Spot

    by Elliott S.
    The right in between surgicality & musicality!
  • Love it!

    by D. Puzia
    Fantastic EQ! One of my favorite things I do with this EQ is use the Listen option. I love hearing exactly what frequencies I am altering. The EQ is one of the smoothest I have encountered, I like it in my busses, but I really like mastering with it even more!
  • AMK 200

    by The Drift
    The king of all EQs the holy grail of plugs in thank you Plug in Alliances for your great products i bestow you a Grammy and all the awards out there.
  • Amek 200

    by Breathing Rhythm Studio
    I’m not blown away by many plugins, and I wasn’t excited at all by this at first, but this one is one of those that has already made my job easier. I definitely consider this an essential for adding that shine at the end of a mix. I highly recommend the Amek EQ 200.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you!
  • Clean!!

    by CLNyc
    This reminds me a lot of my old GML 8200. What that was great at is boosting and cutting in way that kept the source natural sounding. Made it sound as it the boost was part of the original material. I think the general vibe is there with this EQ and am happy to have it back in DSP form.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks. So, what is missing for a 5 star review, please?
  • Amek 200 = Amazing

    by Jweyerbacher
    I was skeptical at first. I tried it out for myself I knew it was a clear winner. I applied the Amek 200 to the master bus and the warmth and richness was amazing. I could add air to the mix without it becoming harsh. The HG2 Blackbox and Amek 200 are a deadly combo for opening up a mix and creating a professional sound. I will continue to experiment with this EQ and highly recommend others give it a try as well.
  • What's going on here?

    by Timm
    I'm not sure what's going on with this plugin but I'm also not completely sure that I need to know. The AMEK EQ 200 just seems to have a way of making music become more visible within its mix - like a clear coat of wood finish brings out the woodgrain that's already there. In my sessions so far it has made things come into focus within the mix in a way that contributed to a healthier and more defined vibe and with a bit more energy -but otherwise didn't really change the mix balance... nor did it introduce unexpected/undesirable artifacts for me.
    To be honest, so far I've only used it on the mix bus for in-the-box mastering sessions but I'll be delighted to keep it there as my always-on EQ- but I'm sure that it'll be an amazing tracking and stem tool as well.
    It would likely help shine light on problematic areas within an unfinished stem or mix-in-progress, even if you don't keep it there in the end, but I'm mainly using it as top-coat to take the mix to a more sophisticated level.
    So I'd say try using it when you thought your work was already done and I think you'll immediately gain confidence in knowing whether the mix was done- and you'll have a much better product once you're actually finished.