Customer Reviews

  • Probably the best plugin Plugin alliance have made

    by Governmentfun
    Easy to use and very warm sounding. I use this more than other big branded EQs on the market, perfect for homing in on those frequencies that need to be taken out for a clean warm sound.
  • Smooth

    by MiamiDude
    Super smooth eq that gets the job done. Nice!
  • Top Class Sound

    by Miguel Linares
    I use it both in master bus and in individual tracks, clean equalizer but that impregnates magic to what it plays, Massenburg style top class sound.
  • Very nice surprise!

    by Ariel Tavori
    I can't seem to go wrong with this beast. It's 'all-the-things'. "fat, 3d, expensive sounding"... This just nails it! So satisfying!..
  • Calidad superior

    by Alonso Ararat
    El plug-in ofrece una calidad superior en el audio que pasas a través de el, altamente recomendado para trabajos de mezcla, tus sonidos irán de la tierra al cielo.
  • My favourite

    by Beatroot
    Having tried most high end eq plugins, this is my absolute go to coloured eq. As well as the musicality of the sound, game changers were auto-listen (although if any developers read this I'd love a right click to select it, as I spend so much time toggling from regular mix listening), 5 bands that give the right amount of control to add all the colour I need - I use digital eq for specific correction - and the gain scale is useful to check and fine tune. Add the usual Brainworx bottom drawer of goodies, and a resizable UI and I'm a happy customer. Couldn't hear enough difference in the new 250 to make me want to upgrade either, so I'm sticking with this one for now.
  • perfect EQ

    by KyleHowdy
    Wanted a subtle mastering EQ as well as a good EQ for bus processing. Did a trial and put it on my drum bus and immediately and easily dialed in little eq changes that drastically enhanced the drums. The "Auto Listen" feature is SO good. I immediately bought the AMEK-200 EQ after that trial. Would recommend!
  • Tres bon eq pour le mastering

    by ABC du beatmaking
    C'est vraiment un eq que j'aime utiliser, les courbes sont top et le son est nikel ,l interface est tres intuitive c'est devenu un de mes go to pour le mix et le mastering
  • America master eq

    by Blue
    Perfetto emulation very smooth eq!
  • Amek eq200

    by Z
    I love working with this plugin. Cool UI. Intuitive and fun to use. Transparent sound... great for mastering or whatever else u want to put it on. definitely a winner.