Customer Reviews

  • Beyond Amazing

    by Ne10
    The way this compressor works with RMS is amazing and it acts very well with classical pieces. Even jazz pieces won't suffer from quality with this amazing emulation. I use this in every mastering chain to help make masters very cohesive.
  • Amek fan boy!!!

    by Governmentfun
    By far the best compressor I've ever had the pleasure of working with.
  • Love this one

    by Alfred
    I can be short about this one, I love this thing. The sound, the way it work and the visual representation. Very good in any master chain!
  • Bewertung

    by Mastering Compressor
    Dieser Compressor bringt die Harmonie in das Klangwerk und macht dabei sehr viel Spaß, bei der Umsetzung.
    Vielen Dank auch an die gesamte Mannschaft von Plugin Alliance.
    Wer mal Probleme hatte, weiß diesen Service zu schätzen.
  • Amek mastering compressor

    by PMT Studio
    What a jewel of a configurable working tool, love it .
  • My new favourite mastering tool

    by Foghat
    This thing is special. It was so easy to dial in the first time I used it and I felt like I had complete control over the dynamics of my track. I was able to maintain transients and even bring them out in a very musical way for more punch. The VCA clip is also a really cool new toy. I even felt like the widener sounded better on this plugin but I may be imagining that since I assume it is the same. This will be in my chain from now on for sure.
  • Magic Box

    by Aves
    I mastered a jazzalbum yesterday... in the evening this compressor came out and i just wanted to see what it does on the master i worked the whole day on, and i have to say i have yet to find an in the box processor that manages to give this 3d ness and magic separation to a mix... i did not replace the other compressors that i used (elysia alpha and the spl one) but i added this with almost no compression action for the glue and finishing beauty it added... don't know how it will prove in the long run, but what it did to this album, i can't take it away, even after listening with fresh ears in the morning.