Customer Reviews

  • Essential

    by opi
    Love it on guitars !
  • Niceee

    by Elywood
  • Very cool sound!

    by Italo Huerta
    I´m feel very happy working with your audio plugins!!
    Gran sonido, color y textura se pueden lograr usando estas herramientas increíbles.
  • Thank you for this awesome plugin!

    by Rohit
    Since I got this I've been using it every single time on my Bass track. Love the subtle character it adds to the DI bass.
  • Plugin

    by Kris
    Is nice!
  • Excelente

    by Suarez
    Excente pluggins que hace profesional a cualquier bajo de bajo costo
  • musica

    by muito bom
    muito bom os plungins alliance
  • deivis

    by deivis
    me gusta
  • Top Ampeg

    by Albizzo
    Top Ampeg
  • SVT VR Classic

    by MS
    Only 3 knobs, 2 switches, and only 2 IRs to choose from. And the sound is nothing short of epic, yet still shape-able. How is that even possible?