Customer Reviews

  • Great for shaping recorded bass

    by Under A Mile
    I really like this for taming overly bright bass - I often record with more top end so I can really here all the percussive elements to keep good time when tracking. But when mixing that top end sometimes needs to be rolled back. With this amp it's easy to shape those and get a realistic sounding hefty bass.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks a LOT for your support!
  • Interessante

    by Great!
    Uma versão reduzida e honesta de um ótimo amp virtual.
  • Warming

    by Mark M Thompson
    Actually makes W***s' Bass Fingers sound decent which is no mean feat.
  • Tasty Sound

    by Saturn Voyager
    This Thing improved my bass sound a lot

    by Conrado6523
  • Ampeg SVT-VR Classic

    by Moldfuzz
    Simple, elegant and extremely easy to use. This plugin has the most useful bass amp tones that I ever heard. I used it from blues to metal. Highly recommended.
  • Lennon

    by Jorge Zevallos
    Nice tone, nice plugin thanks for gift

    by ampeg-for-free
    Ampeg SVT-VR Classic
  • SVT-VR Classic

    by tmurphy729
    SVT tone in a very simple plugin. No fuss at all and dialed up the tone I needed for recording in a matter of seconds. Thank you so much for providing this Dirk. As an avid Ampeg lover these plugins are the best representation of the best bass amps in the world on the market. Keep it up. Looking forward to seeing that API 2500 when it comes out! Peace and Love!
  • Very nice!

    by BLOKADA
    A very cool and powerful Plug & Play Tool with nice low end!
    Thanks Dirk!✨