Customer Reviews

  • amped

    by garot
  • SVT VR Classic

    by Mark
    I can't believe how often I've used this VST. It's my first option for DI bass tracks. Invaluable!
  • SVT-VR

    by Tyoma900
    Super bass amp, perfect for 1970 style bass
    Super easy for use, cool sound
  • Ace of bass

    by jussiriissanen
    Couldn't ask more for an amp! Top of the class.
  • Ampeg SVT-VR Classic

    I love the Ampeg SVT-VR Classic emulation. I have been using it in all the productions where the bass was recorded by line and the sound quality it provides is excellent.
  • exactly what it says on the tin

    by Hitchenson
    The ampeg sound in a plugin form (also i got it during free giveaway), add in a little bit of distortion and you're champ in heavy mixes!
  • SVTR-Classic

    by Rauschinger
    All in All just a rock solid go to Bass-Amp-
    Good Job PA!
  • Great for shaping recorded bass

    by Under A Mile
    I really like this for taming overly bright bass - I often record with more top end so I can really here all the percussive elements to keep good time when tracking. But when mixing that top end sometimes needs to be rolled back. With this amp it's easy to shape those and get a realistic sounding hefty bass.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks a LOT for your support!
  • Interessante

    by Great!
    Uma versão reduzida e honesta de um ótimo amp virtual.
  • Warming

    by Mark M Thompson
    Actually makes W***s' Bass Fingers sound decent which is no mean feat.