Customer Reviews

  • Plug and play

    by Henning
    Easy to use to get a solid bass tone immediately
  • bozo

    by Good
  • dopest bass amp

    by smalltowninnewemexico
    my go to bass amp forever.....
    I love this
  • Ampeg amp

    by Timo
    sounds really good
  • Incredible amp!

    by Henry
    OMG! I didn't expectated to hear this amazing sound from this amp. I have tested an Ampeg Hardware and I really fell in love with that tone of the "ultra hi" and "ultra lo". I didn't think that a Plugin could emulate that sound from an ampeg hardware, but what a surprise! I really think this amp made my bass sound better (I have a Jazz Bass from Fender) and now is my go-to for any bass recording or to reamp a recorded one.
    I'm really excited to by a new model from Ampeg and try their sounds on my bass.
  • BASS AMP Heaven!!!

    by Mike
    If you love vintage Ampeg bass cabinet sound then you'll love this!!!!
  • amped

    by garot
  • SVT VR Classic

    by Mark
    I can't believe how often I've used this VST. It's my first option for DI bass tracks. Invaluable!
  • SVT-VR

    by Tyoma900
    Super bass amp, perfect for 1970 style bass
    Super easy for use, cool sound
  • Ace of bass

    by jussiriissanen
    Couldn't ask more for an amp! Top of the class.