Customer Reviews


    by ampeg-for-free
    Ampeg SVT-VR Classic
  • SVT-VR Classic

    by tmurphy729
    SVT tone in a very simple plugin. No fuss at all and dialed up the tone I needed for recording in a matter of seconds. Thank you so much for providing this Dirk. As an avid Ampeg lover these plugins are the best representation of the best bass amps in the world on the market. Keep it up. Looking forward to seeing that API 2500 when it comes out! Peace and Love!
  • Very nice!

    by BLOKADA
    A very cool and powerful Plug & Play Tool with nice low end!
    Thanks Dirk!✨
  • SVT-VR Classic

    by dru
    I don't have time for reviews, but this thing sounds so good in the mix that I had to let everybody else know. The fact that it has three knobs should not scare you. It is PLENTY. Get it.
  • "SVT-VR Classic" Huge Tone

    by Pablo Uliver
    I was looking for a good alternative to the Ampeg SVT-VR, but I found the BEST simple alternative. This only-one-plugin makes your Bass sound amazing through all the mix!
  • awesome

    by sonicwarstudio
    all amps from PA sound really good!
  • super cool

    by JB
    it is very tailorable to guitar, very well done and simple.
  • SVT-VR

    by j tayo
    Thanks Dirk. Sounds great!
  • Great tone!

    by TonVE
    Well, Dirk, thank you! Vielen Dank!
    And your team and all the companies with you at PA!
    This is a real treat I m working with this baby as we speak
    This amp really has great tonal character, cool low end, and already addictive on a direct bassguitar (buss).
    Very useful for different styles with the cabinet and tonal options.
    This one stays right here at the arsenal!
  • Awesome plugin!

    by UJam
    I tried this plug-in on the bass in a mix featuring a "punk rock" song. It really made the bass stand out, nice warm and punchy! Simple to use: Volume, Bass (tone) and Treble. Sweet! Thanks, PA for an excellent plug-in for bass guitar.
    BTW: I'm using a 2020 Mac Mini (M1 silicon) and Mac OS 11.1 without any problems.