Customer Reviews

  • What a beast

    by Frode Obelix Martinsen
    Who doesent love Ampeg on bass, im never gonna mike a bass amp ever again. Easy to use straight out of the box. I have used the real thing in studio and i must say these amps are insane good. So having this as a plugin since we god HDX and PA supports DSP from HDX i will never need to mike an amp anymore. This is a stayer in my setup for bass now.
  • AMPEG Power and Tone in the Box!

    by Black Frost
    I am a recording bass player, currently moving from just demoing songs and ideas to actually record songs that will eventually be published, and this beast got me sold on the first hit of a string in default mode. Not kidding. This sounds so much more like a beefy bass guitar than anything I have tried before, I still cannot believe it. Immediately re-recorded a bass line of a song I'm working on, and even changed it for the better, as playing was so much fun and felt very natural and comfortable. Therefore will do so with more songs that are not finished yet. When I noticed there are more Ampeg models coming our way in August 2019 already, I took the subscription model and am a happy man now. Bass sound problem solved, evolved from ok and solid to punchy and exciting. Thanks a lot! Fun fact: the bass guitar is an average Squier Jazz Bass, and the strings are old. I am looking forward to playing the Fender Precision with fresh strings. And: experimenting with distortion is REAL FUN. If someone told me 10 years ago this was possible tonewise in 2019 I would have laughed in their face. Now I am laughing, too, but for very different reasons!