Customer Reviews

  • Better oh better

    by Cyrille Cassier
    This is simply the next one century’s Pultec EQ. A must have in my Arsenal.
    Well done PA
  • Bettermaker EQ232D

    by Mossed
    Impresionante. Es la primera vez que opino sobre un producto de PA. Es increíble. Compacta la mezcla final increíblemente bien. Lo estoy usando en los últimos tracks y es tremendo. Muy buen trabajo si señor. Mi eq favorita con diferencia.
  • the PA plugin

    by Alfredo
    simple the best eq plugin ever, and I have many from so many companies. Bettermaker let me see again what happen with PA, really outsounding sound and performance
  • Straight up ridiculous!!!

    by Swaby
    Quite simply, an absolute must.
    Try it.
    You definitely will buy it.
  • Maybe the best PA plugin so far

    by Fred
    I've purchased almost every plugin from PA over the years. Yesterday I decided to go for the Mega subscription. The elysia plugins in general and the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class A in particular have been my cup of tea. However, to me the EQ232D has been the most "surprising" of all PA plugins. This is the kind of product I had no idea would add 10% extra polish and shine to all my mixes. I instantly spent my $249 Mega voucher on the EQ232D, just to make sure I also own it.
  • Did I need another Pultec EQ?

    by Tristan
    Didn't think so...but this is the first and pretty much only pultec I reach for ITB now. The additional bell bands mean if you have more moves to do, you can keep tweaking in the moment without opening another plug. It also just sounds fantastic. Very clean, open and punchy. Everything I want and nothing I don't. Nailed it PA :)
  • Bettermaker

    by Kidluminati
    Jodidamente bueno para el mastering, idealmente para música urbana. Probé la demo, me gustó, me tenté, lo compré. 10/10.
  • It makes things better

    by Stephen Buvoltz
    Sometimes a name says it all. The Bettermaker EQ232D gives pristine tones to your track or mix and I highly recommend it! Why? Because it Makes things Better!
  • A new go-to master EQ

    by Pedja
    Sounds absolutely fantastic on master bus, whatever material you work on. Bettermaker EQ232D makes you mix with your ears and you simply can't go wrong with it.
  • Great for many uses.

    by Dboom
    Does what it says. Makes things better :) The interface is not the most intuitive right off the bat, but I love how they're true to the original hardware design