Customer Reviews

  • Superb

    by Sebbie
    Bought this recently, it hit me in the face...
    I'll never have to audition another Pultec emulation. Thank you!
  • Best Eq so far

    by Amon
    This is by far the most impressive EQ i have ever used. Very precise and easy to use. It sounds awesome.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you!
  • EQ232D

    by Astytekk
    lovely piece for getting things round and bright. locked in the mastering chain
  • Whoa!

    by congalocke
    Interested in this as I saw Joe Carrell use it on his 2 Buss. I put it on the 2 Buss and started going through presets and was impressed at how powerful and good it sounded.
    LD Vox was getting lost in a dense mix on latter half of song. Male vocal presence preset solved it.
    Couldn't be happier.
  • Amazing!

    by Gerard
    Absolutely blown by this plugin. I was avoiding it just because the gui seemed complicated to me, I prefer the old school knobs. But when I tried I was highly surprised by its sound!
    After using it a couple of times, I got used to tje graphics and suddenly became one of my favorites!
  • Pultec Alternative

    by Paul Misty
    I have Pultec EQ emulations. And they're great! But this one gives me a more modern sound which means less distortion in the higher frequencies. Sometimes this is exactly what I need for modern pop and hiphop productions.
  • Bettermaker

    by Slimm
    A very good plugin,, We use this in audio engineering school, so I had to get it,, and it was worth it.
  • My plugin for drums.

    by Mario Aguilera
    This EQ is superb, I always use it on my drum bus, the pultec area gives you those lows with definition and very smooth highs to bring the sound upfront, definitely a plugin that needs to be in your arsenal.
  • Pultec with M/S!!

    by LaGGarto
    The Bettermaker EQ232 is the unbeatable Pultec type EQ in the Mix Bus. The Mid-Side function makes it a must to open your mix.
  • What. Is. This.

    by Jason F
    I think I have a new favorite plugin. I love a bit of Pultec-style EQ on my master channel when I'm done mixing, just to give it that little push. When I saw the Bettermaker team had such an EQ with mid/side functionality, I knew this would be money well-spent. My expectations were stratospheric and those expectations were surpassed. I can't believe how amazing this thing sounds. Great work!