Customer Reviews

  • Sumptuous

    by Andy
    I'd buy this just for the P EQ. This is a perfect mastering EQ to make your bottom end bloom and and your highs silky smooth. Absolutely love it.
  • Mama mamia

    by Psysword
    I bought many plugins this week but this one produced the most credible results. The api strip and the Amek are great tools on my master, but my rock track got an instant analog and boosted warm feel with a few tweaks from this bad boy. Man out of the above mentioned plugins, this one is where the voodoo lives!
  • WOOOOOWW !!!

    by aproject
    F*cking brilliant!!!!. Amazing for mastering but also for separate tracks. Just drop it on the master and the track becomes professional sounding. This is what I was looking for to finally have a hardware sound from the plugin.
  • Awesome Warmth

    by Allenwrench59
    Excellent Plugin. On EVERY mix
  • Amazing

    by Richard
    I absolutely love this one. It lives on my masterchain now. The only thing that's throwing me off a bit are the reflections on the knobs. I know it's nit picking and it's about the sound not the looks. ;-) Hope to see more by Bettermaker ( limiter, maybe? ) on Plugin Alliance.
  • 最喜欢的一个EQ

    by 郑
  • El mejor pultec, sin duda.

    by Tachn
    Hay un montón de emulaciones de pultec, pero llegó Bettermarker a hacer otra cosa. Por algo Dave Pensado y Luca Pretolesi siempre lo utilizan. Increíble plugin.
  • Clean Open Flexible

    by VSNR
    If the material calls for a clean sound with no circuit emulation noise ill go for the 232D, really good with movie/content production material as well, works for broad strokes like a Pultec or narrow cut detail cleaning work like the AMEK or GML style eq but cleaner noise floor.
  • Better Pultec

    I've never been enamored with Pultec low shelves, in part because of the mud they add in the 0-30Hz range. They end up being more trouble than they are worth to me, even outside of that problem. The EQ232D solves the mud issue by including a high-pass filter that extends low enough to make it useful without eroding the bass added by the low shelf (the reason for using the EQ). Then there is also the plain fact that this Pultec-style EQ sounds better than any Pultec emulations I've ever heard, while giving a lot more control. Thanks to built-in mid-side support, you can easily add sub-bass to the mid signal and omit it from the side. Logic allows me to do this within the DAW, but it's much nicer and less fuss to do it within the plugin. Since I use this primarily for low-end mixing and full-spectrum mastering, I appreciate the detailed capabilities. The EQ232D is an instant member of my desert-island set of plugins that include the SSL E 4000 and Elysia Museq. It just saved my ass on kick and bass in my latest remix. Up to now, I've relied on the SSL E's low bell/shelf and hi-pass filter, but this Bettermaker emulation blew my socks off and provides solutions that no other plugin can match. Nice job!
  • No words!

    by Jose Luis Crespo
    A must in the master