Customer Reviews

  • What. Is. This.

    by Jason F
    I think I have a new favorite plugin. I love a bit of Pultec-style EQ on my master channel when I'm done mixing, just to give it that little push. When I saw the Bettermaker team had such an EQ with mid/side functionality, I knew this would be money well-spent. My expectations were stratospheric and those expectations were surpassed. I can't believe how amazing this thing sounds. Great work!
  • Bettermaker

    by Peter FROG
    I've just tried the presets, cause i find the controls not very intuitive and complex but ... What a surprise ! It's the best sounding bus / mastering eq i've ever tried. Better than my uad Manley massive passive !
  • This is like polishing diamonds

    by Alex Hepting

    + modern pultec style boost + attenuation
    + fast switchable fixed q for really nailing the best parts
    + optional separation for more weighted depth and specially width
    + not even touched MS processing yet
    + made transparent for quick results
  • kami

    by aj
    ultimate eq
  • The Flooding of 21

    by Marcus Buddy Vincét
    Trying to remain positive at this moment, I found it most difficult to handle. On behalf of us here, all of our prayers for the last several weeks have been yours, Plugin Alliance, Dirk, and Johnathan, thank you for your kind words.
    I am done tonight. Now it’s time to actually use this product and the rest of my arsenal offered to me by PLUGIN ALLIANCE and all of their Friends and Companies, and I Thank You All !
    God’s Speed !
    Mark V. Cafeo aka the alias above :) 18Aug21
  • Pultec Style

    by BluelagoonStudios
    First I neglected the EQ, which is in my subscription. More because I was too lazy to read the manual, but then heard a few examples on YouTube. And tried this "beast" out, if you like big low end, this is one to go to. Stereo, MS, and amazing low end.
  • Dynamic Tamer ?

    by ToBeHuman
    Like everyone said before, All around smooth EQ and musical. Did some null tests. Never could match or Null!!
    What surprised me the most was that it tamed some pokiness in very transient material. Wowzers! Automating side information was crazy!
    6 Stars
  • Bettermaker

    by Chadateit
    This is the best sounding EQ I have ever played with. I needed all of 5 minutes with the Demo to know that this was going to find it's way into almost any project I ever work on. I have a lot of different eq's and they all have places where they shine. I could imagine using this for almost anything, but I love it for big, broad brush strokes, like on buses (especially the two-bus). Even extreme tweaks on this thing sound musical and not harsh. I know a lot of people rave about the low end on these eq's, but the high end on this one is what makes it so special to me. Awesome plug.
  • great eq

    by Mchangani
    Lets say it finds itself in most of my mixes. dope eq
  • Sumptuous

    by Andy
    I'd buy this just for the P EQ. This is a perfect mastering EQ to make your bottom end bloom and and your highs silky smooth. Absolutely love it.