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    Plugin Alliance response
  • great

    by chorus
  • bx_bluechorus2

    by Galaxy Bridge
    Wonderful sounding chorus, not only for guitars...
  • Easy and cool

    by S.S.
    This is the sort of plug-in that no one can mess up. Set the mix to 100% for an aux buss or dial it in for in-line. Get the rate and depth where it sounds good and: GO! I use it almost every time I need a standard chorus because it's so fool-proof.
  • Great Effect, but Only on the Right Sources

    by Andrew
    I own a BBD chorus and no, it's not as good, in fact I'm still searching for the dream chorus plug in, syntorus is not even close. My problem with this plug in is it really takes too much high end out of the signal, making it a pretty hard to use on most sources. Though I do like it on background stuff, it's nice for what it is.
  • Long ago...

    by Faydit
    This way my very first pedal, decades ago. For me still today one of the two best chorus pedals for guitar ever.
    Sounds for me like the original, the mix control makes it even more flexible.

    by RMUNDO
  • bx_bluechorus2

    by Jonas Warnehed
    Brings down-right excellent smooth tone to any instrument!
  • Chorus D mini mi

    by Mr. Chiboiborn
    This looks is a guitar pedal but have use it on vocals to add some dimension and it works, it funny how multi-function that plugins like this has.
  • Has a cool sound

    But it's kind of hard for me to dial it in on a mix due to that lack of controls. I'm sure it has it's uses. Not my go to.