Customer Reviews

  • Beautiful chorus tones

    by Edward Selberie
    This pedal sounds amazingly rich and smooth analog. There are only 2 knobs, but you can get almost every type of chorus sound you want. Just make sure you turn the small mix knob to benefit from the full sound of this plugin. As a guitar player, it makes me happy to have these types of plugins in my computer.
    Great work brain-worx.
  • Good !

    by Lorenzo Clandestino - DJ/Producer
    A small but effective effect at a really affordable price .. purchased immediately
  • Not Essential

    by Cool
    Got this chorus on sale. It's still different from the original although good and the mix knob is very useful to have. In my opinion it's not worth the 50USD price, but might be an interesting purchase if on sale.
  • Blue Chorus

    by Stoogie
    When I first saw this I thought 'Whats the point? Surely I can patch up my chorus pedal via my patchbay and just use that!' Then I heard the demo and thought, 'Oooh' and 'Aah' (just like a fireworks display). Then I realised that I'm too lazy to remove my pedal from the pedal board it's on. Add to that the inconvenience of having to repeat the process each time I want to use it and I started to see the light.
    This really is a great emulation of the classic Boss pedal. Brainworx have captured the whole character of the pedal really well. The choice of presets are fantastic, especially the 'Eighties Chorus' setting. Add to this the convenience of being a plugin and being able to save your own settings, never having to change the battery or find a spare socket for a wall wart power supply, not to mention messing with patch cables. When you consider these advantages this plugin starts to make a lot of sense. It's also cheaper than buying a hardware version.
    In truth I used to despise chorus effects, but as I did more production I started to see the advantages they bring. This has now become my first choice chorus unit replacing some other more expensive options. If your after a simple dedicated chorus plugin that captures the eighties guitar vibe then look no further. But dont limit to just guitars. It's too good for just that.
  • Just like the original

    by MixedbyMe
    I have the original and this means I will no longer be patching back into the DAW to get that lush chorus sound for guitar tracks. The advantage of the plugin is that I can use it on way more than guitar tracks now as this is noise free clean beautiful chorus.
  • Just like my stomp

    by Faland
    Nothing to say, apart this is the exactly reproduction of one of my preferred pedal. Have it in my daw is simply fantastic. Pure analog smoothness.
  • bx_bluechorus2

    by JEFFY MAX
    the "sweet" preset sounds oh so sweet!