Customer Reviews

  • Hybrid V2

    by MrB
    Its such a great and precise Eq,yes I have a many others but with this one relay can on practical and easy way focusing on some frequency problem
  • hybrid V2

    by noizboy
    With the one caveat of not having used this a lot, I will say that it's pretty awesome. On the master bus it gives you a chance to really fine tune the character of the mix. On a track, it gives you surgical abilities to get just what you want. I love tall the various ways you can adjust the tonal character, stereo width, etc. It's really a beast!
  • Presets

    by Razorap
    Great addition - Another outstanding easy to use pluigin with some great presets to get started
  • bx_hybrid V2

    by Tibetworld Music
    I already knew this plugin ... it's fantastic!!!..eq precise and very versatile both for the mix and for the mastering!!! Thanks Plugin Alliance!!!
  • Amazing eq for classical guitar

    by Bx console SSL 400 G
    Am a Flamenco Brazilian guitarist composer engineer I use SSL 400 G on all my rhythm guitar nylon strings it gives it the perfect brightness check my music at
  • bx_hybrid V2

    by Brunetti
    This has become my go-to eq since I've purchased it. Really musical and clinic at the same time. Is the fastest way to clean the tracks and high and down pass them. Amazing technology.
  • Bx_Hybrid V2

    by Konrad C
    Amazing sounding EQ. It's often the first insert on many tracks for correcting of resonant frequency's. I love the isolation feature when you move the frequency knob and you only hear the election frequency. It saves more time then you think. Super useful. Only reason I gave it four instead of five stars because the meters were misleading to me as they have an MS display yet you aren't able to EQ the mid seperaten from the side (the plugin alliance guys can correct me if that statement is false) , but I also own the digital V3 which lives on my 2-buss and has the sperate MS Eqing capabilities aswell as other goodies.
  • Thumbs Up

    by masademar
    I tried it. The presence and bass shifters, plus the Mono Maker and the accuracy of the EQ decided me. now I use it in almost all my submasters.
  • bx_hybrid_v2

    by rapirela
    Great equalizer!!! Always in my master bus chain to finalize every mix. Use the mono filter and stereo expander to get wide mixes with focus low end.
  • Hybrid V2

    by kaiser_of_1kHz
    I got stuck with the job of mastering some mixes I did, which were based on very tinny sounding samples and a Telecaster guitar. It was really challenging to make the low end work and at the mastering stage everything still felt too light in the bass area. For the HF area, I have some go to plug ins for boosts which add more bite and character, but I also wanted a bit of sheen that wouldn't affect things like sibilance and hi hats. So, I thought "why not try an EQ made for the mastering process" and I tried this EQ.
    It really did the job of piling on far more low end than I would ever be comfortable with normally. It also helped brighten up the tracks without adding anything unmusical. I also really, really like the HPF and LPFs on this thing, which give you a lot of control over the tightness and the smoothness of your track.
    The stereo widener and mono maker, when used carefully, are super. You can easily add in the width you miss from the analogue world, although I am conservative and careful with it.
    My main gripe with the EQ (which I believe has been solved in the Digital version) are the virtual joystick controls for the bass and presence shifts. These tools are very very useful for shaping the sound, but the slightest jerk of your mouse hand has too big an effect. I think having some other way of controlling that, with knobs or sliders, would be much better.
    Also, I found the GUI a bit unattractive. Once I heard what it could do, though, I really didn't care in the least and now its grown on me.
    BX products are a bit more expensive than other manufacturers, and this plug in has been around a while, but it really does feel like you get much more than what you pay for.
    Im almost dreading the Pick Pack option coming to Paypal!