Customer Reviews

  • A New Found ♥️ !

    by tiny bytes
    After using BX EQ plugins for the first time 2021; I've found that I actually had music hidden within my mixes! Please do not stop developing plugins ever ! ♥️ !
  • Excellence!

    by Withajay
    This is a great EQ and the only one that I've seen which solos the frequency that you are working with when you adjust the frequency knob. Very handy!
    Being able to see the track's visual analysis in the plugin also makes it very handy to find that troublesome frequency and tweak it out.
    Great stuff!
  • maji

    by aj
  • Cool

    by deckstar
    Despite I got plenty of different EQs this one could bring something new in the family :) Very useful auto-soloing for resonance seeking, got hooked very quick. Would be nice to be able to assign this feature to MIDI!
  • Also for Post-Production

    by Reto Rausch
    Try it! Also for post-production.
    I used this plugin on my last film re-recording project on almost every track and it did a great job! Adds presence on a dull dialogue recording in a very nice way. Sculpturing the voices with it was a real pleasure.
    Thanks PA once more for a great plugin!
  • Bad GUI

    by Roger Hsu
    We need an update for GUI.
    I like the sound of the analogue-like filters, smooth and transparent.
  • Another good one!

    Fairly new to PA, so I don't know when this one was released but the GUI looks like it needs an update. In fact, several BX plugs do. But what maters is the sound and this thing is great!
  • Bx Hybrid

    by tomb
    Lotsa knobs is a little overwhelming at first. the sound is good and you have a lot of control over parameters. A built-in RTA would make this processor nearly perfect, IMHO - maybe in V3?

    by Esteban Vargas
    Un ecualizador totalmente necesario para cualquier mezcla.

    by TTLangen
    I do lot’s of pre mastering on vinyls approx. 200 vinyls per year. I’ve used this plugin almost in every project. The way it touches the audio is remarkable: it leaves no trace behind. Sounds natural and yet fully detailed.
    I use this only for cutting away frequencies and 0.5-1.5dB is more than enough. Great user interface and great sound equals great results!