Customer Reviews

  • Brainworx bx_hybrid V2

    by Vladich
    Brainworx bx_hybrid V2 is a plug-in with a surgical precision. This tool is state-of-the -art 11-band EQ processor. You can easily remove unwanted frequencies or boost frequency regions to get sonic clarity and sound definition of recorded material. It is user friendy tool, and can be used in all stages of music production process to the final master. Hipass and Lowpass filter offfers incredible 30 dB per octave. Additional HP and LP notch gives you even more precission. You can link or separately attenuate or boost In and Out levels on Left and Right channel, which can be very useful gain staging tool. One specific feature is joystic like controller which gives opportunity to attenuate or boost up to 12 dB on frequency range from 40 Hz to 200Hz. Mid/side option lets you to completely separately check and process both sonic components, while graphical visualization represents accurate frequency modification. Mono maker let you resrict stereo positioning of your bass components and concentrates low frequency energy in the center of your mix. You can additionally benefit from Input, M\S, Output, Balance and Correlation precise metering tools that this amazing plugin offers. Solo L/R M/S monitoring your mixes for detecting and correcting phaze issues, as well stereo widening for more spacious sound picture is another great features. Individual Link or Bypass can be used on every feature. You can also compare up to 4 (A,B,C and D) different settings or reset them, as well copy, paste, undo or redo all functions. Auto solo auditioning is also very usefool tool. All in all, this is a must have plugin in your sound laboratory.
  • Essential

    by Pheek
    I can't believe I worked for years without this tool. It's one of those you will feel naked without. Absolutely recommended.
  • hybrid v2

    by Michael Dow
    Now here's an EQ i now can't live without. One wish would be for the spectrum to be a little more precise, my DAW's stock EQ is stil l a go to for anything precise because of this. But for overall sound shaping and cleanliness of filter curves, i cant beat this one. And collapsing the bass end in any channel down to mono is something you really can feel cleaning up your mix like nothing else.