Customer Reviews

  • Great Limiter

    by Alexey Soloviev
    bx_limiter True Peak is my new fav limiter for mixing and mastering. Brainworx did a marvellous job , thank you so much for this wonderful plugin, everything sounds super great with it!
  • Best limiter on the market.

    by Backstrom
    Used it for a couple of days now. And I must say it’s amazing. The XL saturation is fantastic and the hi-pass & low-pass filters, great! Foundation is amazing as well.
    Love all Brainworx plugins.
  • An instant classic

    by Luke Mornay
    Big up to Brainworx / PA. For the first time in 10 years, I'm going to use something else than my beloved Oxford Limiter. A pristine sound, great UI & UX. Solid 5* Bravo!
  • Just what I was looking for

    by BluelagoonStudios
    I was looking for a long time this kind of limiter/ clipper. And PA just released this amazing piece of software. I'm very pleased, Thanks everybody who was involved creating this plugin. If I could I give 10 stars ^^
  • My Favorite Limiter

    by Stephen Buvoltz
    I have this on all my current audio projects both channel and master bus. Very transparent, warm with a vintage feel, and louder only a better sounding louder! What else can I say? It's my favorite limiter now!
  • BX True Peak Limiter

    by Forge Media
    Absolutely fantastic! Even when digging into it transients stay intact. It really just sounds like its louder and tighter. This bad boy is going on all of my mix busses from now on!
  • bx_limiter True Peak

    by PMT Studio
    I tried it on 3 different daws and several different genres of music and it is the transparency and fullness with transients left in plus the saturation that has my vote all day long.
  • Tru Peak

    by Kevin
    Just downloaded this, its stunning! For me the key point is the musicality it makes everything sound smooth, no harshness. I think it will be a huge hit as it makes the tracks pop without horrible harshness. Well done Brilliant!
  • Loud as loud can be

    by Peter Riese
    This is an awesome tool for make your track really loud without killing or oversquashing your mix. It sound always musical. I like it a lot!!!
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    Danke Peter!
  • Impressive!

    by Eddie Torres
    Test run on my film score and Its keeping the integrity of my mix and getting the loudest I like!! PA did it again!!!
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