Customer Reviews

  • Unbeatable

    by Tamer Fouda (Natura Viva, Dear Deer, Krafted Underground)
    Exactly like it's title says FINALLY a true peak limiter that sounds great.
    This limiter preserves all transients and doesn't distort even if you push so hard. It surprisingly keeps the low end thick & unaffected unlike many limiters out there.
    Well done Bx & PA
  • Just Amazing

    by MS
    Astonished at just how good of results can be achieved with this. Literally world class. Also the metering is fantastic.
  • Limiter

    by Mr.Tune
    I think that never used a limiter like this. So amazing. Love it
  • bx_limiter True Peak

    by kubajzz_cwss
    this limiter is so fuc*ing dope!
  • Don’t do what Donny Don’t does

    by j
    I slept on this. Was a big mistake. The first mix it went on was pure polish and loudness = instant sign off from the band. Don’t make my mistake.
  • Didn't know I needed this thing

    by Chromatic Photophore
    Makes my stock limiter I've used for years sound like absolute trash. Like pretty much everything else from bx, this thing is freaking magic. I have no idea how to describe how good this thing is - it's just beautiful.
  • Very nice, but...

    by caitanyade
    ..a diff (delta) feature would be nice.
  • zgdrecord

    by Pino De Carlo
    suono bellissimo,sono felicissimo di averti nella mia catena.

    by Withajay
    This is an amazing and extremely useful tool! I struggled with a lot of kick drums and bass sounds until I got this thing, which is exactly what Dirk Ulrich said about it in the manual.
    Plugin-Alliance writes amazing manuals! I've learned a ton of stuff from just reading through the manuals! Dirk goes the extra mile in them explaining about various aspects of each plugin and it always helps me to understand them better.
    Since I got this, it's been on every bass and kick track as well as on my master track and in mastering. LOVE THIS THING!!! Wouldn't want to live without it.
  • Permanent Addition to the Collection

    by Dave Fore
    After trying it, I immediately purchased it. In mastering, It's about getting it competitively loud without destroying the mix. True Peak holds up very well in most of the mixes I master giving me the additional loudness my clients want without sacrificing the integrity of the record. I wish I had this plugin 10 years ago and it will be one of the go-to limiters I use in the future.