Customer Reviews

  • Thick & beautiful!!!

    by lurojas
    I rarely get excited about limiters, but this one changed the game for me. It has a thick, analog quality to it's tone. It sits on my master bus when mixing as the last plugin in the chain just to catch over-peaks. At the same time it adds a nice color to the sound that I would not get without it. When mastering, it just has the tools on board that other limiters don't offer. The XL and foundation features are just awesome!!!!
  • The perfect final final final plugin

    by Mike Rocha
    The ultimate last plugin on the master bus. Has everything built in for any last last last stop sonic tweaks to the master, and a very reliable peak stop at that.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you.
  • bx_limter True Peak

    by Robert Babicz
    its a clear winner, i like how the interface makes sense, and the sound is so clear if needed, or very fat if needed....
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks Robert! Dirk.
  • bx_limiter True Peak is a beast!!!

    by Arnold Vigh (producer, mixing engineer)
    Amazing limiter. The best one so far what I've ever used before.
    This one is easily replaced Ozone9, Slate and the Fabfilter limiter as well in my arsenal. Tone vise bx_limiter True Peak is a beast!!!