Customer Reviews

  • Great sound for novice masters

    by JSPVL
    This produce gives a great sound and is an excellent tool for Rough Mastering a record on the fly. I compared this to other top-line mastering software and it held it's own well, without requiring advanced knowledge about exactly how to tweak EQ, compression, and limiting parameters to get that perfect sound. The bx master desk can help you approximate a big league sound without a lot of big league expertise. Very impressed. Only reason I don't give it 5 stars is because you can't do the tweaking you can with the non-classic version of this plugin, which allows for more refined modifications. But, if you have no idea what you're doing and have no desire to learn much about the details of tweaking a master, this is a better choice, because it only has a few knobs, and none of which take a lot of technical knowledge to use correctly.
  • nice compressor

    by Vlad
    I'm not saying that this one is my everyday tool but for the sale price it's a nice piece of software.
  • Dynamic range meter

    by Sunderain
    i love this plugin cz have dynamic range meter.
  • Master desk classic: Punch tool

    by element4audio
    Well, at the beginning I didn't expect so much from this plugin, but then I tried it: I must say that it is a serious tool, a lot better than many others. Even if you think that a few know can't give you many options, all is perfect and precise. The options are good enough to consider this plugin one of the better plugins this year, and this was free... wow... really thanks PA
  • masterdesk Classic is a Classic

    by D’LikeFuL Productions
    I tried many different mastering plugins but still ended up coming back to my own mastering chain technique. It became kind of time consuming. It worked but I needed to get something that sounds good to clients fast without compromising quality. For the record I think Plugin Alliance is definitely underrated. Nonetheless I seen this plugin thought I give it a shot and WOW!! subtle but sounds damn great! Thanks Plugin Alliance you guy’s freakin Rock!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Truly amazing!

    by Tristan
    I am pleasantly shocked at how good this plugin works. It delivers a smooth, clean finished product.
    I normally use the usual array of individual plugins when I master, but for my latest project, I set up a 2nd mastering chain using only the Brainworx Masterdeck Classic. Not only was it every bit as punchy and strong as my effects chain, it was actually smoother and more tonally balanced. Not sure what they're doing under the hood, but it's really effective!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you for sharing your experience!
  • Amazin

    by Dark7string
    With experience from a lot of other products offering these kind of "Under the hood, Macro" based mastering plugins, the Master desk classic does a fantastic job and is one of the best ones out there.
  • bueno

    by sou
    buenoo si
  • Free?!

    by 6lord6apophis6
    This was given away for free at one point and it is honestly really good. Lately I've been using it on all my mixes.
  • Saenz

    by Mauricio