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  • Megasingle

    by Ahrayeph
    I've been using amp sims ever since amp simulation became a thing (Roland GP-100, anyone?), so it's safe to say I'm well versed in the technology for the past few decades and know the pros and cons.
    One con has, until recently, always been playing dynamics. Sims may have sounded as close to the real thing they were simulating, but they didn't react in the same way to the guitar player's playing dynamic. There was a responsiveness that was lacking. Not so with the Brainworx amp sims.
    Already in possession of some good amp/effects simulator software, I didn't think I needed any other, until I tested out the current Brainworx line up, and found that the elusive responsiveness I was after, was there, in spades.
    I ended up picking up the Megasingle, because it has a more 'open' sound than the Megadual, and currently had no need for the Diezel VH4 (just yet, that is). There was just something about the Megasingle that spoke to me immediately, and it is a more versatile amp sim than one may think at first glance. It does cleans and pushed sounds just as well as heavy and extreme high gain. With a bit of tweaking - and I love tweaking - I can coax just about any kind of sound for any kind of genre out of it, courtesy of the amp's excellently modeled channels as well as the cab and mic options. Ever since buying it, it has been my go to sim.
    So, if it's so perfect, why give it just 4 out of 5 stars? Well, I'm not particularly a fan of the lo fi delay, for one. But that can be left off. However, if you are going to include a necessary tool like a noise gate, it should be made to be as flexible and responsive as the amp sim it comes in, and right now, it doesn't. The gate closes way too abruptly and if the threshold is too low, it lets through too much noise. Plenty of room for improvement here.
    Also, I'm not really wild about the fact you can't store any of the sounds you've dialed in. I don't necessarily need an unlimited amount of presets (although, what's holding you back in this computer age?). Sure, there are the four storage buttons, but they don't actually store anything for you to call back up when you restart the plugin, or add another iteration of it. I think that's a shame and should be rectified (pun intended) asap. And with it, some MIDI implementation for preset switching and a few of the optional switches like the 'Solo' switch in this amp, should also be added, to make it usable in the real world. Because this amp sim is too good not to use outside the studio confines, but it lacks real world flexibility without MIDI control.
    Also, the GUI can't be resized like is possible in the other Brainworx amp sims, which is also something I'd like to see added to the Megasingle and Megadual, because the channel settings are sometimes hard to make out. And a standalone version would be nice as well, so you're not always limited to having to fire up your DAW or using a plugin wrapper.
    These niggles aside, I'm thoroughly convinced by the wealth and breadth of sounds and responsiveness the Megasingle allows me to coax out of it. And in the end, that's what matters.
    Plugin Alliance response
    All our plugins can save presets... please check in your DAW how that is done. You can store as many as you want rwally.
  • VERY MUCH like the real thing

    by Nick F
    I used a Dual Rec for a year as a gigging guitarist. While it's hard to make the playing environment 'feel' the same as a real amp in a real room - the 'in the can' sounds post-take are almost identical to the amp I remember killing my hearing with. The Clean channel's character is IDENTICAL to the original. It's 'that' clean sound from so many late 90's tracks. This plugin is a great alternative to the BassDude as a second cleanish amp option. One day i'll try the Chandler that PA make and have the trio :)
  • Great amp sim

    by Noise Implant Music
    I think this is a sleeper. Not a fan of the single recto in person but in plugin format this thing slays! Check out the demo for sure!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks and rock on!
  • Gegacool

    by J
    the quality of this plugin is top notch as always
  • An excellent rendition.

    by MJ
    This is probably my favorite rectifier emulation. There are a couple of others I really like but this one is not only convincingly real, but extremely fun to play. One minor complaint is there is no reverb. I know there is a lovely delay built into it and I can just smack on any reverb after the fact but perhaps Brainworx could come out with a "megoverb" and/or a "Tremodual".
  • Great!!

    by K.O
    The sound is very good!!
  • Megasingle

    by Daniel Rueda
    Powerfull, add life to mi guitar sounds with incredible transparence and extraordinary color
  • bx_megasingle

    by Domenico
    again ... great as always :-)
  • Low wattage love

    by Highvoltage
    Love how you can separately drive the poweramp and the preamp, giving you all kinds of crunch. I rarely use the high gain channels, but even the clean can be overdriven to some great vintage vibes.
    With the cabs off, its even great on synths and basses.
  • Miller

    by Thomas
    Ist ein toller Amp!
    Anmachen und spielen.
    Tolle presets
    Habt fun ö