Customer Reviews

  • Great amp sim

    by Noise Implant Music
    I think this is a sleeper. Not a fan of the single recto in person but in plugin format this thing slays! Check out the demo for sure!
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thanks and rock on!
  • Gegacool

    by J
    the quality of this plugin is top notch as always
  • An excellent rendition.

    by MJ
    This is probably my favorite rectifier emulation. There are a couple of others I really like but this one is not only convincingly real, but extremely fun to play. One minor complaint is there is no reverb. I know there is a lovely delay built into it and I can just smack on any reverb after the fact but perhaps Brainworx could come out with a "megoverb" and/or a "Tremodual".
  • Great!!

    by K.O
    The sound is very good!!
  • Megasingle

    by Daniel Rueda
    Powerfull, add life to mi guitar sounds with incredible transparence and extraordinary color
  • bx_megasingle

    by Domenico
    again ... great as always :-)
  • Low wattage love

    by Highvoltage
    Love how you can separately drive the poweramp and the preamp, giving you all kinds of crunch. I rarely use the high gain channels, but even the clean can be overdriven to some great vintage vibes.
    With the cabs off, its even great on synths and basses.
  • Miller

    by Thomas
    Ist ein toller Amp!
    Anmachen und spielen.
    Tolle presets
    Habt fun ö
  • great sound!!

    by Dh
    the sound is very good
    a lot better than I thought.
  • Nice emulation

    by Alisa Miller
    When I demoed bx amp-sims for the first time last year and compared to other sims I rated them well below competitors. Now that I got this product with a good discount I decided to give it another try. I must admit, it grows on me more and more. It lacks reverb and decent chorus would be a nice addition too. Although it's not my go-to amp-sim, I do like its simple and beautiful interface.