Customer Reviews

  • megasingle

    by D.I
    Realistic amp tone,clean to heavy,
    With the greenscreamer plugin ,wow!..sits well in the mix.
  • mega single

    by TheSystem
    this thing is terrific especially for $9 on BF Sale. i have never been a fan of amp sims but I like this one esp when used with an external guitar tube pre. most of the amp sims i tried seem to excel at heavy tones (if you like that amp sim heavy tone i guess) but not so good at clean tones IME. this one shines for both IMO. no technical difficulties either on Win8.1 x64.
  • bx_megasingle

    by Ilya
    Fantastic! Great sounding and very versatile amp simulator. Thanks, BX!
  • BX_Megasingle

    by Stoogie
    I can say that this is one of the best amp simulators I've ever come across, and I've used most of the main contenders. This is just pure class.
    I have been playing through my Mesa DC5 (which is a mixture of the clean channel from a Mesa Mk4 and the lead channel from a single rectifier which this simulator is attempting to copy) for years both on tour and in studios so I know the sound of the amp really well. When I tried out the Megasingle I was blown away with just how close it is to the real deal. It responds to the player just like the real thing. It has had no problem running on my PC and is just as stable as any of my other BX plugins (of which I have a few). I don't even bother micing up my amp in the studio for most projects now as this just works so well.
    I do have other amp sim software and hardware but this is my main go to 'amp' in my studio. I've not had any complaints from clients or critiscm from other producers who have heard the results. In short, I love this plugin.

    by dugh
    good sound but like the bass dude causes my work to crash.
  • Product Review

    by Per-Robin
    Wonderful amp plugin. Having used several different amplifier simulators/modellers/profilers, this is the closest I have come to something that's close to a real amp. The IR profiles of the cabinets are all useful and does sound terrific. The only problem I have with this plugin is that extreme boosts on the tone knobs just seems to push the volume and it would be nice to be able to perhaps just bypass the amp modelling, så that the IR cabinets can be used.Otherwise, fantastic plugin. Well worth the money if you want a classic rock or heavy metal sound.