Customer Reviews

  • nice on warm instruments

    by Niels Dettenbach
    The red interface color might have influenced me further, but i really like this comp on typical "warm" instruments / sounds. Very slight compression on pianos, organs and wurlies sounds just awesome and even synth sounds could get nice dynamic textures.
  • Juicy Goodness

    by Tommy
    This thing is always in my vocal chain. I can dial down the boomy without losing fullness. Dial down honk without losing presence. the side chain function is brilliant for this. Like a single band multi band compressor with a choice of filters that seem to do just what I need them to do in a way that keeps me coming back for more. I'm grateful for the speed control and the smoothness that is maintained in faster attacks. I don't normally do reviews, but my voice is often difficult to manage in a track. A little boomy or a little thin, depending on material, of course. I work with a quartet and it used to be difficult to get us all to blend. The bx_opto is a God-send. I use it on every vocal track we do. Sometimes side-chain sometimes not, the results are always better than I've achieved previously chaining eqs and multibands. Thanks BX for a great plugin.
  • BX Opto Comp

    by John Garden
    Best thing about this compressor is the choice of sidechain filters. Really like setting a lopass sidechain somewhere between 150-300Hz on a bass track to add low-end control but allow the high end to breathe.