Customer Reviews

  • BX_opto

    by mike
    Great compressor I use it on all my music tracks, it gives me the desired sound and feel that I'm looking for in my music, Thanks so much Plugin-alliance this is where I get all my plugins and constantly watching the plugin alliance site for new up an coming products. I mainly use plugin alliance products on all my tracks and mixes. Thanks again
  • My new go to...

    by Protoculture
    Fast becoming my new go to compressor for tracks. Its a real do-it-all versatile little box thanks to the speed dial, it's super musical, sounds fantastic and extremely fast and easy workflow make it a pleasure to use. Highly recommended.
  • Optimus !

    by stevegalante
    The classic little hidden gem... very effective on practically everything, from solo vocals to mix but and sometimes in mastering too. Recommended
  • Opto

    by Bryan P
    Great sounding compressor ! The speed knob and sidechain filter make it works on almost every sources !
    It's a pleasure in recording session because of the AAX DSP compatibility for he users
  • feels good!

    by Felipe Ortiz
    Great on drums and vocals. Really useful sidechain!
  • OPTO is optimal

    by DMGJ
    Absolutely instant great sounding compressor. Side chain feature can produce some very interesting sounding drum compression. Mix knob is always welcome and it's very useful when compressing drums and various mix groups. Simple, easy and powerful!
  • Purchased on a whim, now it's all over my work

    by rhysmix
    I picked this up on whim (while I was buying the excellent bx_console E) for a very VERY low price… and now I'm reaching for it all the time.
    As the description states, it is sort of a chameleon… which honestly is the sort of thing I normally avoid, as chameleons all too often only invite excessive and unhelpful tweaking. But at least in this case, that flexibility turns out to be very useful; while one of the strengths of an LA-2A is how minimalist it is, you quickly run in to its limitations - sometimes it's too slow, sometimes it's too colorful; wouldn't it be great if you could dial it back a bit, tweak it a bit? That sort of finessing is exactly what bx_opto provides. While it doesn't replace the LA-2A for me, it does offer an "invisible LA-2A" sound, which is surprisingly useful. It has performed very nicely at the end of vocal chains for smoothness and on guitars for more body so far.
    Also, while I have not had a chance to use it in this capacity too much just yet, it seems like it could be really cool on drums. The slow, heavy sound of an opto with an attack fast enough to act on drum transients (also without smothering them in saturation) is a really interesting sound.
    Update: I said it doesn't replace the LA-2A for me… two weeks later I have not used an LA-2A at all. This thing is massively underrated.
  • Ruben Nievas

    by Rbn
    he most spectacular COMP for my mixes. I can use to create atmospheres and realistic sound from old machine ( Kawai K1r, K3m, Roland R8, etc), without need to have any musician on my studio. This product is highly recommended for composers and music producers indeed.
    Ruben Nievas
    Soundscapes & Music for Films
    Musician - Composer
    Synthestrator/MIDI Orchestrator
    Sound design & Synth programmer
  • Great Compressor

    by nachtblau9
    Easy to use, but sounds great.
  • Fixed a booming Les Paul

    by garbagetruckdriver
    The side chain on this plugin is magic. I have an artist who insists on recording with his favourite Les Paul - it sounds great but some notes on the low E string just bloom all over the track. The bx_opto side chain allowed me to zero in on the two notes that were causing trouble and dial in just enough opto compression to pull back that bloom. It took less than a minute to find the perfect setting - and now it sits on the guitar bus. Big, fat, but contained Les Paul. Artist happy, I'm happy.