Customer Reviews

  • great work

    by slugz
    another great piece of software .thanks guys
    Plugin Alliance response
    What is missing for the 5th star then?

    by Krail Anuar T.S.0.8.L
    I really love it all Plugin Alliance Product xspecially to all Plugins... really good and outstanding. Easy for me to mixing and mastering. I Love Diezel Amp Sims and i will do some review via my Youtube channel... yeeeeaaaaaaaaa
  • great sim!

    by moe
    This amp sim is great! I can get most of the tones I need with very little work. Highly recommended!
  • It's awsome

    by sul chung
    I love it
  • AD

    by ANTO
  • Great Amp Simulator

    by ToolMan
    It.s good
  • bx_rockrack V3 Player

    by Mood44
    Great tool when you're looking for a cool guitar tone.
    I don't have an amp, just a preamp with d.i. and can find a good tone with thuis amp simulator and some delay and reverb plugins.
  • My new go-to Ampsim

    by Paulo
    Its a great plugin, with many features and versability, even not having TONS of amp emulations, it covers well various aplications.
    Sounds great, and competes very well with other ampsims on the market, its now my new go-to ampsim.
  • Not shabby

    by Kill Waldo
    It sounds nice on 60's organs.
  • Rock rack

    by Niklas wag
    Want some ACDC stuff? This is good to go