Customer Reviews

  • Rockrack V3 Player

    by Spinncontrol
    Dont play GTR so I use it with Vir. Gtrs. The presets are limited but I have found several as a starting point and added other Plug-ins (Niveau Filter) to add additional freq. that are limited by the player. I must say this thing sounds very good to my ears.
  • Best amp simulation

    by Helado
    I fell in love with the free Player version, so I bought the full one. Many time I record the bass guitar through a DI, and I was using another amp simulator plugin, but since I discovered bx rockrack, there's no going back. And now am also using it for electric guitars when needed.
  • Rockrack

    by Revival Audio
    Excellent little freebie
  • Rocktrack v3

    by Adrian Symes
    Im not a guitar player but this is just a great plug. I mainly use it on guitar loops and its versatile and easy to use. Highly recommended.
  • Amazing sound.

    by UnbalancedBeats
    I´m not much into rock however after testing the presets I felt like buying an electric guitar :D I find it interesting to add from subtle to dramatic tonal colour to the sound.
  • bx rockrack v3 player free

    by Damian
    Sounds great but makes my protools crash. I guess the paid version would not do that
  • bx_rockrack V3 Player

    by cabanasbeats
    I play a lot of different things thru rockrack & it sounds absolutely killer. you can have pianos sounding like screaming guitars in no time!
  • bx_rockrack V3 Player

    by J
    Top teaser for bx_rockrack V3 which is awesome, like the other amps in the Brainworx canon
  • Rock track v3 player

    by RobbieB
    I do have another brands amp sims and as soon as I demoed this . It sounded more upfront and present and real. This again is another fantastic free plugin .

    by little cloud
    I own a Fractal Axe 2+ and have been playing guitar for many years...I use this little free rocktrack v3 player so much for offering up sounds in trax....till I can get to them with something like my incredibly valuable and close to the head of the sound unit. Dont be silly..if yo dont have it...ITS FREE SO GO GET IT! ;-0