Customer Reviews


    by Cristian
    Un verdadero emulador de amplificador de guitarra
  • jjk

    by kkk
  • RockRackV3

    by SR
    Excelente y Práctico
  • felicitarlos

    felicitarlos por su calidad en los productos y los complementos gratis que entregan a sus clientes..
  • quiero crack

    by jhon henry

    by B2THAC
    Sort of the best kept secret if you want to fly under the DSP radar.
  • rock rack v3 player

    by tukush
    ive never had anything free sound this good. the man up stairs is real, and he gives me shit for keeping his apartment vibrating while i cook up beats that no one should ever be forced to listen to. bit this makes me sound like kenny beats. no cap
  • no upgrade

    by Bud
    It`s great but you can`t upgrade to the full version !
  • Freeware

    by Nice
    Makes your guitar sounds better for free. What else ? It also makes coffee
  • Fast. Efficient. All-rounder.

    by Zak Rahman
    Sometimes, you don't have time to mic up your cabinet, or you need to get an idea down as quickly as possible. I find myself reaching for this plugin more and more because it is very flexible, sounds good and takes a shorter time to load than many other plugins.
    Maybe later, I can re-amp the signal to my real guitar amp. But the sounds from this plugin are good enough for production by themselves.
    Whether I'm doing clean stuff or need to get dirty with my 7-string, this plugin can handle it.
    I use external IRs, but the IRs that come with it are good.
    Perhaps it is not the most modern plugin, or it doesn't use the latest cutting-edge technology. It's useful in a variety of situations and reliable. As a working musician, I value that more.