Customer Reviews

  • 不错的插件

    by liuyanbochang
  • Rockrack V3 Player

    by MrB
    Its a freebies exist on market such a lot guitar amp simulations but this one just work, yes was come out from Rock house, thank you PA for so good plugin
  • Impressive Amp Player

    by BigBlueWorld
    An impressive Guitart Amp player given it is a free product, featuring 26 pro designed presets. Check it out
    Plugin Alliance response
    Thank you. So, what does a free plugin have to offer in addition to earn 5 stars? ;-)
  • Digital Distortion

    by Hadley
    We all hate it, digital distortion, this isnt that bad though!
  • Rockrack V3 Player

    by Spinncontrol
    Dont play GTR so I use it with Vir. Gtrs. The presets are limited but I have found several as a starting point and added other Plug-ins (Niveau Filter) to add additional freq. that are limited by the player. I must say this thing sounds very good to my ears.
  • Best amp simulation

    by Helado
    I fell in love with the free Player version, so I bought the full one. Many time I record the bass guitar through a DI, and I was using another amp simulator plugin, but since I discovered bx rockrack, there's no going back. And now am also using it for electric guitars when needed.
  • Rockrack

    by Revival Audio
    Excellent little freebie
  • Rocktrack v3

    by Adrian Symes
    Im not a guitar player but this is just a great plug. I mainly use it on guitar loops and its versatile and easy to use. Highly recommended.
  • Amazing sound.

    by UB
    I´m not much into rock however after testing the presets I felt like buying an electric guitar :D I find it interesting to add from subtle to dramatic tonal colour to the sound.
  • bx rockrack v3 player free

    by Damian
    Sounds great but makes my protools crash. I guess the paid version would not do that