Customer Reviews

  • Wide Mix

    by Mitsu
    It's a great tool for guitars!!
  • Shredspread

    by Niklas wag
    No GTR chain without it anymore.
  • Great for guitars

    by Aberin Studios
    Probably the best stereo tool for elec guitars and acoustic. Usable with synths, great with piano and organs too (hammond, mello)
  • Not just for guitars

    by Konrad C
    I bought this thing on sale and am pretty happy with it. It works as it's supposed to and makes your stuff nice and wide.
    A little tip. It's not just for Guitars. Experiment on different sources and I'm sure you will find it very cool and useful.
  • Useless...

    by Jacek Strzelczyk
    Maybe it's my fault and I can't find the right settings for my projects/guitars, but it creates an artificial and unpleasant sound. It sounds not so good. It's better to record guitars twice than using this plugin.
    Plugin Alliance response
    Sorry, but you're doing it wrong... this plugin is intended to mix DOUBLED guitars. Please record your guitars twice, then mix them through bx_shredspread and you will get wow-ed. I'd be happy to see you revisit this review once you tried the plugin in the proper way. BTW: if you want to create stereo signals from mono guitars, you may want to use bx_stereomaker!
  • bx_shredspread

    by DmitryMOR
    Write a guitar processor, it really helps to stretch the stereo.
  • Doest the job PERFECTLY

    by Vice Squad
    Actually, I was initially endorsed by Brainworx and had a free copy of SHREDspread. After having much use of the plugin when I saw the updated version I purchased it. This plugin is especially great for Rock and Metal guitars where double tracked guitars or even two different parts need to be pushed further out of the stereo field to pave way for vocals etc. The shred feature is an added bonus and I find best used sparingly if you have EQ'd your guitars already. Brainworx make some amazing plugins, I use their Ampeg amp sims on the UA platform, the detail and sheer usability makes them indispensable once you have tried them.
  • Shred Spread does the job

    by Nick J. Ash
    Shred Spread is a useful plugin to dial in the sound of the guitar or instruments. It pulls the stereo image wider to the sides and leaving space in the middle for other instruments or frequencies. It's a utility that simplifies the process of manually routing the signal and combining other processors. This all with the turn of a few knobs on the interface. Bravo. Mono Maker control is very useful, just set it up to taste.
  • Great plugin

    by Adambes
    This is a great tool to widen your guitars or synths in like 5 seconds, quick and easy to use.
  • bx shredspread

    by Ray Vanda
    Great plug in. Brings my instruments up front without over compressing or adding eq. I find myself using it on most of my mixes