Customer Reviews

  • bx shredspread

    by Ray Vanda
    Great plug in. Brings my instruments up front without over compressing or adding eq. I find myself using it on most of my mixes
  • bx-shredspread

    by RockZ
    perfect for making your track sound wide and clear, awesome plugin, I love it,
  • Awesome

    by Cesar
    Awesome Plug in To Make Key's or Guitar Stereo and give it body I recommend you try the demo, I'm Glad to have this one in my tool box
  • Very useful tool!

    by Musician B.
    Love it!! Very useful for guitars! Must have!
  • Shredspread

    by SongsByGROVER
    Magic! I dont even understand what this is doing (and i've tried to figure out)... it's some kind of wizardry to get things sounding more stereo in a really cool unique way, possibly phase-based? It's not a doubler (ie pitch or time-based widener), but also a different flavour of widening than bx_stereomaker and waves PS22. I find I have to use a lot of wideners in my mixing and this is a must-have tool for certain situations (like getting a big rhythm guitar sound from a single mono guitar track). Also sounds great on other stuff besides guitars :)
  • ShredSprd

    by JH Studio
    This is a quick way to add width to your tracks. It works on Synth and Piano quite well too.
  • bx_shredspread

    by bpavelmac
    good plugin !
  • Unique and useful

    by Alisa Miller
    I like subtle saturation and mid-side widening. This plugin does all that and then some. Highly recommend it for double-tracked guitars.
  • WWWWW-iiiii-DAH!

    by AudioHunter
    A must have ! Widens your mixes and enhances any stereo mix!
  • great for guitar

    by teen wei
    i use it on guitar work like no other.