Customer Reviews

  • Baeza

    by Bibi
    Muy bueno.
  • keyosmime1234

    bendiones probare este plugins
  • qwqw

    by qwq
  • sizenando

    by roberto
    em teste
  • villleda

    by marlon
    muy bueno
  • tavo

    by guss
  • It Cleaned up my Thick Rock/ Orchestral Mix

    by Thomas Shugar
    I have a THICK composition of Drums, Bass, Piano, French Horn, Cello, Trumpets, Oboes, and Strings. (ALL 'heavy' instruments) I've been tweaking with EQ'S, Slight Compression, Bussing, Panning, Black Box -On, and on...THIS was like a 'Magic Wand' coming along- DING! The Mix is VERY Clear- ALL sorted out. 100% SORTED! INSTANTLY! I truly think George Martin would have given me the 'thumbs up' after the BX SOLO saved the day~ AWESOME PLUG IN!!!!!
  • It Worx!

    by JohnThePilgrim
    It really Worx!
  • Bring Magic in your Mix

    by Sidney Black
    The BX Solo is a fantastic tool to bring a bit of extra clarity to your mix, experiment with the stereo width in automation, add a bit to your choruses and boom–your mixes suddenly sound 200% better.
  • Great

    by E
    Great free stereo widening plugin.