Customer Reviews

  • bx worx is amazing

    by cabanasbeats
    thanks for the great handy free tool!
  • bx solo

    by Bd lieutenant
    i tend to use this as part of tracks/ tracking preparation, useful toolbox tool.
    gets you started with m/s analysis, bass freq mono-ising
    did someone say Free?...
  • 5 stars

    by Aleksandar P
    This is the best free plug in on internet.Period;)
  • Low hearing on your right ear? Then use bx_solo.

    by Max
    This is a small plugin, and free, but I have begun to use it for mixing, because I have reduced hearing on my right ear, meaning that I cannot hear the highest frequencies on my right ear. This makes it difficult to make a decent balance when working in stereo and pan instruments with high frequencies to the right of the sound stage. This is where bx_solo comes to good use, because I use bx_solo to switch the Left and Right, because my left ear have no reduced hearing. Its quite annoying to have difficulty panning instruments with high frequencies, but this is a workable solution. Other plugins have a LeftRight switch but I like the idea of just being able to activate-deactivate a plugin in order to switch Left and Right instead of opening a plugin and click several times with the mouse.
  • i wont to active this drever

    by ahmad juanda
    bisa kah mengaktivkan BX solo saya
  • bx_solo

    by Tipa
    Its brillinant!! Easy to use. The M/S features are handy. The width feature is very nice on stereo programmes.
  • Essential

    by Dan
    I've recently purchased a couple of Chandler emulations from UAD, which sound fabulous, and have M/S processing. However, like a lot of other M/S capable plugins there is no solo option, so sometimes hearing exactly what's going on mid or side is difficult (actually one time where cans beat monitors hands down). Using BX Solo enables me to pinpoint problems, and opportunities, using almost no CPU. And it's free.
  • Handy Little Tool

    by Michael Angelo H
    I love this little plug-in because it has exactly some features that you don't (always) find in a DAW by default, or they're features you could only find in different plug-ins that support M/S-processing (For example, the H-EQ or Scheps 73 by Waves, which do that well. Sorry, Plugin Alliance, but it has to be said.).
    With bx_solo I don't need to go to an entirely different plug-in just to use its M/S-soloing feature. I can just use this to solo it to the available options, which will send any "channel" (Left, Right, Middle, Sides) to the center into mono, and you can monitor those feeds separately. - You can also swap Left and Right, but I honestly don't have the knowledge or experience to realize what that's useful for.
    The Stereo Width feature is a nice bonus to me (I would've been happy with just M/S-soloing), because it's handy to check whether or not maybe a wider or narrower sound-field would be better. - The only thing that would be nice to have is the option to actually be able to fine-tune the width, as opposed to stepping between Mono, 50%, 100%, 150%, 200%, 300%, and 400%. (But I assume this is not granted because it's a free plug-in.) - Because while say 150% sometimes sounds OK, it also throws off the levels dramatically and just turns up the sides a lot the more you increase it. At least on a master. - So it's more useful for monitoring or checking than permanently altering the sound. I guess you could, but it's not ideal. (In that case you'd need another plug-in by Brainworx, I suppose, or something like the Waves S1 Stereo Imager that I know is more specialized in it).
    What I especially love about this plug-in is that it's like a small panel that you can throw into a corner and can always be at the ready to "solo" a channel, which definitely helps speeding up my personal workflow anyway.
    Quite some words for a fairly simple plug-in, but it has to be said. I haven't seen another that does just this, simple and straight-forward, so I'm definitely glad to have found it.
    And it's even better to find that it's free. You could easily charge say 50 Dollars and get away with it (but please don't), so I definitely appreciate that this is available for free, as it's something I think should be part of any DAW by default but sadly isn't.
  • Useful

    by Quantum-Music
    I love it to Solo the mid and the side. That way you can tell very well if there is a problem. Although, as another one said, the widening tool is so rough that it makes it completely useless. I personally only use this plugin only to listen in solo stuff.
  • bx_solo

    by Joe Solo
    PA has so many incredible M/S based tools to help give you a wider spectrum and wider sense of stereo panorama. And the bx_solo (not named after me) is an excellent introduction to the sonically fantastic world of M/S processing - so you take greater advantage of the awesome M/S processing available in PA's more advanced plug-ins.